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I love fashion, I always have since I was a little girl. I don’t necessarily dress like it, but I love looking up fashion pieces and just love styling pieces together. Most of my fashion I tend to re-wear and some pieces I got years ago and so I went through my wardrobe and decided to bring back some classics and re do some styles with some new pieces as well. All about that sustainable living.

Here is my exciting

Summer look-book!

A woman posing with a long leopard print skirt, and a green swimwear top standing in a sunny field.
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Long skirts

Initially I always thought that because I am short (5 ft 3 to be exact) that wearing long skirts or even dresses just would not suit me. I truly believed that they suited taller women better. However, the beginning of this year I bought a skirt from Primark that was brown and had leopard dots all over it. I was wary at first about it, but when I got home and tried it on honestly I could not get over how much I loved it.

I have been living in this long skirt that I should probably get some more. Anyway now I am all about those cute long skirts and I think they are brilliant because you can wear them all year round. That is perfect for me (someone that loves re-wearing clothes), plus you can dress these skirts up or down.

A woman sitting on a wall posing wearing denim shorts and a black top, with a backpack and her left leg up with her elbow leaning on it.
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Denim shorts

I have always been a black denim kinda gal, but this year I have really been loving blue denim. I actually recently found some cute denim shorts and they are perfect, especially for the last three days in a row of humidity in the UK. They are stretchy and comfy around the waist, which I guess is great when if you are eating and bloat.

Plus I love styling denim shorts with graphic tees. The freedom wearing a baggy top and shorts can give you is amazing, plus I love having the rocky edge that I do have with my fashion.

A woman wearing a white crop top and white long skirt with her eyes shut and arms out to the side of her in nature.
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Crop tops

I went off crop tops for a while, I don’t know why but sometimes I just go through phases with clothes and for me that was crop tops. However, when I was studying at University I bought a white crop top that I basically lived in. Surprisingly it hasn’t stained or faded so that was a great purchase.

I recently started to wear crop tops again and so I am loving throwing them on with some high-wasted jeans, or even with a pair of shorts. Also I think crop tops are great all year round as well because you can wear them for going out or during the daytime.

A woman wearing a white hat with flowers on it and a long white dress that is lace on the long sleeves but with a flower detail along the bottom half of the dress. She is holding pink flowers.
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Now I have always had a love hate relationship with dresses. When I was younger I had no dresses (I was proper tom boy), and it was rare that my mum could manage to get me into a skirt or dress. However, as I have got older I have loved dresses and even more so this summer.

Before my trip to New York I found these cute dresses and I love them. They were perfect for New York because they are super comfy, you can move around and they are flattering on me. I bought one in a flowery print and also in black as you will see in my New York pictures. I adore both of them and they were from Topshop!

A woman wearing a long blue T-shirt dress with white socks and trainers.
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Something else I love to wear throughout the summer is a T-Shirt dress. I have done this for a long time, and it is just great. All you need is an oversized top and you can just throw it on with some trainers and it looks cute. You could also style this for evening too and wear some heels, but I mainly love to wear it throughout the day in the Summer. It is a dream look and so simple and that is why it has made it onto my Summer look-book.

Tell me in the comments what are your favourite summer pieces this year? Or what is your go-to fashion statement? 

I hope you enjoyed this post! I don’t tend to do fashion posts that often, but I do love fashion. Also I really am beginning to feel more and more confident in what I wear and finding my style. Although it does tend to change all the time.

Thanks for reading,

Gemmaa Jayne x

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  1. I love this post so much, look books are one of my favs!! I am the same height as you so I understand the struggle of skirt shopping haha! I am so so obsessed with your low back dress, its stunning!xxx

    1. Thank you hun! Yeah sameee, I love seeing people’s look books and I can’t wait for Autumn haha! The struggle is real hahah, 😂 thank you, I really love it too xxx

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