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Last weekend me and Ryan went to Hastings for the weekend, so I thought I would write about it. If you don’t know what a Hastings is, it is basically like a seaside town in the south (I think haha), and it is near Brighton and Eastborne and those places so yeah hope that helps.

A little background but basically Ryan is originally from there and my Nan moved there before I was born and owned a pub in the “old town” there. Sadly she passed away when I was 2 years old, but we still went down there all the time as a kid and every year on her birthday we go down there and have a drink in the pub she used to own. So Hastings is a pretty special place for my family, but I just think it is so weird that Ryan is from there and we could have walked past each other or ya know. Call it fate that we happened to meet at university or call it whatever you want, I just think it’s weird but cool.

Anyway I am going to share some beautiful pictures and things we did on the Saturday there.

Firstly we decided to head straight to the beach because ya know im’a city girl and we don’t get beaches in London haha. Any chance I get to go to a beach I will take it, and we were lucky that it was actually a really nice day. We just ended up sitting there for a while and just talking, but it was really lovely and I think we both needed it.

Also Ryan made me get this “blue goo” ice cream because he said it is amazing, and of course I listened and got one. It was pretty good, so I recommend having one if you do go to Hastings! It’s literally right on the beach by the golf so you can’t miss it.

We then decided to just walk around town and just look in the shops but neither of us bought anything, it was just nice. I always love how old and cool buildings look in towns by the seaside. I don’t know if that makes any sense, but living in London I am used to just seeing tall buildings that look new, so it’s nice to see places that are different and cute.

After this we decided to head to a park which is massive and has loads of cute flowers. So of course I took pictures because they were all so beautiful and I love nature and flowers.

We found a little rose garden as well, so that was pretty cool because Roses are my favourite flowers. There were so many different colours and I was in love. Plus there was this cool little bridge thing next to it so you could walk over the bridge and just stop and stare at all the pretty roses, it was fab!

We just ended up walking around for a while this massive park and again it was nice to be around nature (something you also don’t get a lot of in London), but also nice for us to take a step back and relax from our hectic lives.

I love Hastings and it will always hold a special place in my heart. I am so happy that Ryan can share that with me too, because he grew up there. So it’s kinda like our special place together and I love that.

Let me know in the comments of a place and story that you want to share that holds special memories for you!

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Gemma xx

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  1. I have never been to Hastings before but it looks so beautiful and so picturesque. The flowers are so pretty and your ice cream sounds so delish (ice cream is always nicer down south haha) xxx

  2. This ice cream looks so good! It always tastes the BEST at the seaside doesn’t it? I love that Hastings is your special place together for your reasons with Ryan – that is so sweet. One of the most special places for me is Prague, because it was the first place me and my partner went together as a couple! x

    1. Literally! Doesn’t get much better than seaside ice cream haha! Thank you, sometimes the world is such a small place. I honestly would love to go to Prague! That is so nice and special for you guys thanks for sharing xxx

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