New York Diaries: Days 2 and 3

I am back with the next couple of days of the New York Diaries. You can catch up on my previous post here if you would like to read that before this post.

We are now onto Saturday of our trip and this was a day that I very excited about because it was the day to see the Statue of Liberty! If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen a picture I posted where I said how much it meant to me. So if you want to read a little more about that then go and check that out!

Anyway firstly we left our room about 9 am to go and grab some breakfast from this cute little Bakery near us. It was very nice and I got a tea and croissant, whereas Ryan opted for a juice with his croissant. Overall it was lovely and we both enjoyed it.

Then we started our hour long trek to Battery Park (where you can get the ferry to the Island). It wasn’t too bad walking there, but it was already humid and I was sweating so much it was horrible. We ended up getting there a bit early so we sat and ate some lunch and then headed over to the que to see if we could get in any earlier.

Alas the lady let us in! Of course you have to get through the security, but it didn’t take that long and we had priority que as we had booked our tickets in advance. I will mention that I actually made the decision to book before we actually flew out to America because tickets tend to go fast! This is even more so if you want to go up the Statue, but we just decided to walk around the bottom.

The Statue of Liberty in view whilst arriving in by the boat

Once finally on the boat it was a little rocky and Ryan slipped straight away
(he was all fine and we both laughed about it). But as we started to get a bit closer I started to feel myself get a bit more emotional. I could see Lady Liberty and it was just surreal. A complete dream come true.

A picture of the Statue of Liberty  standing in front of it.

I honestly loved walking around the Island. It was hot, there was a cute jazz band playing and we went into this museum and got to watch the history of Lady Liberty which was cool. I love a bit of history, so this was a nice experience.

A view walking onto the Brooklyn Bridge in New York.
A view of New York from Brooklyn Bridge looking out to another bridge and the water.

After we finished with this Island we got the boat back and headed straight for Brooklyn Bridge. It was beautiful and honestly if we went back again we would definitely love to go for sunrise! The only downfall is that it was incredibly busy, and yes the views were stunning but it’s never nice stuck in a massive crowd.

Then as it was near we headed to the 9/11 memorial museum. We did have to wait for an hour as it was still busy, but once we got in it was heart warming. Walking around it was emotional and of course I just didn’t feel right taking pictures. However, I definitely recommend going to this if you are in New York.

After this we were absolutely knackered (I mean we did a LOT this day) and it was just after 6 pm so we decided to head back. Again we had to attempt our 1 hour long walk (I mean we chose to do this so its our fault), but on the way back we were starving and saw this pizza place. Therefore, of course we decided to share this absolute ginormous pizza! Plus it tasted amazing.

Day 3

View of New York from the Rockefeller building. Including the view of the Empire State building.

This day we wanted to be a bit more relaxing as we had walked a lot the last few days. So we decided to go up the Rockefeller centre in the morning. I chose this one because I wanted a picture of Empire State Building whilst I was up high. But I know you can go up that too or do both if that is what you wanted.

However, I am glad we chose the Rockefeller because it was AMAZING and the views were breathtaking. Honestly it blew my breath away, and I could have stayed up there forever. I think we actually were up there for a while.

A woman standing at the top of the viewing deck of the Rockefeller Centre, with the view of New York.
A woman pretending to touch the top of the Empire state building from the viewing deck of the Rockefeller Centre.
I mean I have seen loads of these around the world so had to attempt it myself.

I definitely recommend going up the Rockefeller it was just soo cool! Also if we went back we would love to go up during the evening as well.

The rest of this day was a bit more relaxed and we just explored the shops locally so that is why I combined these two days into 1 post.

Thank you for reading, if you enjoyed then like, comment and follow for more posts! Also look forward to the next of my New York travel diaries! 💚

Let me know any places you have visited that you loved? Or anywhere you want to visit?

Gemma Jayne x

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  1. Lovely post! It reminded me a lot of the few days I spent in New York! I also loved the Rockfeller Centre but, unfortunately, I didn’t see the Statue of Liberty! From what you write it sounds like it’s worth it! Next time I’ll probably try to do it! 😂

    1. Yeah I mean a lot of people don’t think the statue is worth it, but I think cause it meant a lot to me I obviously was very happy about it 😂 I think it’s worth just doing it once anyway haha

  2. I never made it up the Rockefeller! I did go up the Empire State. I have to say I was slightly underwhelmed with the Statue of Liberty… I thought it would be way bigger!! Ha ha! New York is a great city… I enjoyed your posts ❤️ I’m currently in Vancouver… it’s beyond amazing!! I will have posts on it once home 😊 x

    1. I think we wanted the Empire State in our view so that’s why we chose Rockefeller! Yeah that’s what most people say that they thought it would be bigger. I was just so excited to be there I didn’t notice 😂 thank you! Oh wow, that’s another place I really want to go to and Toronto! I shall check them out when ya post them 💚 xx

  3. Wow this is SO amazing (plus think about how many good instas you have now?!) The empire state building is so incredible, I so need to go to New York!! xxx

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