New York Diaries: Day 1

Hello guys I am back! It has been a while since my ‘what I got for my birthday’ post. As much as I am still experiencing my holiday blues at the moment and serious jet lag, I am ready to come back. We had a lovely trip of a lifetime to New York, and it was just as magical as I had imagined.

First I wanted to say I am going to separate these posts into one post on day 1, one post on days 2 and 3, one post on days 4 and 5, and lastly one post on days 6 and 7. We went away for a week and boy did we get a lot done so I didn’t just want to cram that all into one or two posts. I really want to talk about what we did, our experiences and hopefully help others out that are maybe planning a holiday to New York. Hope that is ok with you guys!

So we actually arrived on July the 4th (which was pretty cool), and we were told by our taxi driver that the fireworks would go off around 9:20pm. I have never been to America before, but to even just about experience the 4th of July was pretty cool.

We didn’t actually stay up too late this night because travelling can be tiring, so we decided to get some rest so we could make the most out of the next day.

Anyway, the first day in New York we both woke up about 5am in the morning (which was about 10 am in the UK). So we just decided to get up and get ready and head out for breakfast.

A sunny view from central Park in New York through a branch filled with leaves.

I think we just wanted to explore because we grabbed something from Starbucks and then walked along eating/drinking until we reached Central Park. We approached it and I was getting emotional (I know I am so weird), I have no idea why but I think when you have grown up watching and seeing New York in films and TV shows and wished to be able to walk those streets it’s crazily overwhelming to actually be there.

I mean when people tell you it is massive, my gosh it is actually massive. We ended up walking around most of the park, and did 20,000 steps by 9 am in the morning! Also the views are just mind-blowing and you just never get used to them.

A woman with her hair tied up in a pink top and long skirt, standing on top of a castle in Central Park in New York

We also discovered this cute little castle and of course I had to go up and have some pictures. Something I do recommend is take water because the humidity is actually horrific! Plus I love the fact that New York have water fountains and fountains to fill up your bottles as well! Literally everywhere. This is a great idea especially during their humid summer months.

Oh and also we found this cute turtle pond! We ended up just sitting here and just reflecting on how lucky we are to actually be here. Ryan talked about how even if we moan about our jobs it has enabled us to come to such a beautiful place. Which is sooo true and I completely agree! I am grateful because I think New York has always been a dream of mine and to finally be here made me so happy. Plus I just needed a break.

We then grabbed an ice cream and decided to head out of the park to go and grab some lunch as we were both starting to get hungry and were already tired! We ended up just picking some food up from a local shop and then headed back to our room to just have a break.

After eating lunch in our room and having a break we headed back out to explore. We walked around Times Square (which again is just beautiful). However, it is sooo crazy busy that it kinda ruins the view.

A picture of crowds in Grand Central Station in New York.

Then we headed to Grand Central Station which of course was cool (and I really wanted to do the flash mob dance scene from Friends with benefits).

After this it was almost time for food again (and trust me I was already loving the options for all the food I was gonna consume within this week). We decided to head to TGI’s because we still didn’t know where anything was yet and it was near our hotel. Ryan got carbonara and I just got southern fried chicken and fries.

One thing that was making us laugh was the fact that the lovely guy just kept filling our drinks up! Obviously we are not used to that treatment in the UK, and it got to the point where neither of us could physically drink anymore fizzy drink, but the guy was so quick that we could never stop him until we asked for the bill! It did make us laugh a lot though!

That is the end of day 1 and honestly by this point I was already excited of what was to come. Anyway look out for the rest of our trip, and I hope you don’t mind being spammed with my trip for a bit!

Have you ever been to New York? Or even a country that you have always wanted to go to?ย 

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Gemma Jayne x

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  1. My husband and I went to New York a few years ago and we loved it. We were only there for a long weekend and have been longing to go back. Weโ€™ve finally booked it up and weโ€™re going this November and we are so excited. Iโ€™m looking forward to reading about your next few days ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

    1. Aww thatโ€™s great! Iโ€™m excited for you! That will be amazing because itโ€™s near Christmas as well โ˜บ๏ธ I definitely want to go back already! Thank you so much x

    1. Thank you! ๐Ÿ’– glad you enjoyed it as well! I literally would love to go back, but also I wanna explore so much of America โ˜บ๏ธ

  2. I grew up an hour outside of NYC and I always love seeing posts from people experiencing it for the first time! I don’t like the city at all lol but I’m glad you enjoyed it!

    1. Oh wow thatโ€™s cool! I agree with you in that I donโ€™t want to live in a city anymore haha. I would love to live in the countryside or something. Because I have lived in London my whole life. But New York was beautiful for a visit ๐Ÿ˜Š thanks for reading xx

  3. I absolutely loved this post, I am a tad jealous I must admit!! I have never been to America before and New York is defo on my bucket travel list. I can’t wait to read the other parts, Grand central station looks amazing too! xxx

    1. Thank you lovely! This was my first time to America too. There are soo many places in America I want to visit as well. Yeah it was weird seeing everything that I have always watched on TV ๐Ÿ˜‚ thanks for reading xxx

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