What I got for my Birthday…🎉

Hello guys, so last week was my birthday and I had a lovely time. It is weird how it doesn’t feel like a birthday and it was over so quick. But anyway I thought I would show you guys what I got…

I got some amazing gifts from Ryan, my family and my friends and I feel so lucky! 💚

Firstly I got two pairs of shoes! The ones on the left are trainers which Ryan bought me, as I have been looking for some for a while and I LOVE them! The second pair in the middle picture are workout/gym shoes and again they just look so pretty and both fit really well! These were from my parents and I needed a new pair of gym shoes so this was perfect. Of course they are both from Nike because I don’t get my trainers/gym shoes/running shoes from anywhere else haha.

Next whilst sticking with the Nike theme I also got some Nike leggings and a cropped Nike too (can you tell I love Nike?). Apologies I thought I had taken pictures of these, but you can slightly see them in the corner haha! They are both black with white writing on.

I also got these beautiful pink headphones. I absolutely love them. They are perfect for gaming as well. The sound is great and I always love me a pair of headphones.

Some other presents I got were these gorgeous underwear pieces. I got a gorgeous pink set from Calvin Klein (my gosh I adore this brand). It is so comfy and looks amazing. I also got these two other bras from “pink” from Victoria Secret. They are super comfy and I love the patterns on both of them. Plus they look great on!

Some other bits I got were some lush bath bombs because who doesn’t need them in their life? I also got some nail Varnish (well quite a few haha), I got this cute angel with “birthday girl” on. Additionally, most of my family gave me money, my friend got me some dollars for my holiday and I had a little set made up of chocolate and marshmallows which was cute. Oh and of course some Harry Potter stuff!

I am honestly feeling so grateful, and I just wanted to share with you guys what I got and not to show off but because I like seeing these posts and maybe it will give others some ideas etc.

Thanks for reading, if you enjoyed give a like, comment and follow for more posts!

Just a little update I am going to be on holiday now for a while so I decided that I will be taking a break rather then schedule posts! So there will not be any posts until the week of the 15th of July! 💚

So I shall see you soon!

Gemma xx

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Author: gemmaajaynee

24 year old just wanting to write with her spare time.

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    1. Thank you hun! Honestly I live for trainers and bath bombs haha😂 thank you that is soo kind, and the same to you xxx


    1. Thank you so much that means a lot! Was definitely a pink theme with my presents haha! The pink headphones are honestly so awesome, I love them. Thank you sweet 💚 xx


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