2019 Overview so far…

I have seen a lot of posts, videos and just people talk about the year when it comes around to the middle of the year. Therefore, I felt like I wanted to do the same as it is a nice way to reflect on the year so far and be grateful. So here is my 2019 overview so far…

  • Passed my driving test

Firstly what a great start to the year to pass my driving test. Honestly after balancing a job, my masters, driving lessons and a social life I have to say that passing my test was like a massive weight dropping off my shoulders. But still I am super proud… still haven’t got a car yet though haha! Go 2019!

  • Started dancing again

This was definitely a big thing for me. After years of regret about giving dancing up I finally plucked up the courage to take myself to a dance lesson again (you can read about this here and here). Boy was it the best decision ever! I have literally been having a great time, and now I really want to explore other dance styles (street dance is my main)… I really want to try ballroom, salsa and contemporary.

  • I started my Psych Sunday series

This was exciting for me. I was a little nervous because I didn’t really know if people would enjoy or want to read about psychology. I get it I love it and it is my passion but of course it is not for everyone. However, the response has been great and to know others have been enjoying it just makes me so happy (check out my posts of these topics here, here and here).

  • I went to a concert by myself for the first time

This was such a big thing for me. As someone that has always been the “shy” or “quiet” girl, and I had to always give myself talks for about 10 minutes for me to even ring people or order food. It was huge for me to go to a concert by myself and just not care about what people think. Honestly I would 100% do it again. I am already planning my next solo concert haha (you can read more here).

  • Educating myself more on the environment

This has been a must for me. It’s been all over the media and you just hear about what’s happening to our environment all the time. So I have definitely been reading more and watching more documentaries and trying to change different parts of my life/routine that could benefit our home/planet/where we all live.

  • I began a research assistant job

This has been great experience and I have been loving it. Especially as each project has completely different elements and aims for me to work on. It is something that I potentially want to get into with Psychology.

  • I have gained over 200 followers on here (THANK YOU SO MUCH)

Honestly this is mind blowing and unreal and for something that I just do as a hobby and enjoy I never expected others to be interested or read to be honest haha. So thank you so much if you read, or if you comment and like my posts it all means so much! I have had the chance to speak to loads of you through comments and I LOVE it. I love socialising and getting to know people. If only I could speak to you guys more. But yeah thank you!

I am writing a summer buck list which will come this week as well, which nicely fits with this post because I have reflected on what the year has offered me so far and now I wanna talk about the things I want to complete over the summer!

What have you guys been up to so far? How has the year been for you? Let’s chat!

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Gemma xx

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  1. Huge congrats on hitting 200 followers angel!! You deserve every one and more! I cant believe were half way through the year – I loved this post and it sounds like you have achieved so much already! xxx

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