Date Night: Hollywood Bowl at the O2…

Last Friday night (after writing that totally had the Katy Perry song in my head haha) myself and Ryan decided to go bowling. However, because Ryan works up London I was like how about we meet at the O2 and go bowling there, because I have always walked past it and wanted to go in.

Therefore, we decided that we would meet go for something to eat and then bowl. However, I completely forgot that Hugh Jackman was performing so everywhere was completely packed. So we just decided to go in Five Guys because it’s like a take out kind of thing, and we just sat on a bench and ate our food there haha. Gotta love the date night vibes.

After the food we had a little time before bowling so we just walked around the shops, because the O2 has a little shopping area now. Which I think is great, especially if you are seeing an artist, band or something at the O2.

When it was time we walked into the Hollywood Bowl, and first thoughts as walking in was I thought it looked super cool. It has a little arcade in the middle, a bar, a restaurant and then a little bowling alley. So we still had a little bit of time so we headed straight to the arcade (of course) and got a bit competitive. We did play Mario Kart and I actually won which is a rare occurrence haha (well I mean only when I am playing against Ryan, other times I am fine).

Then we headed over to the desk and signed in for our time-slot that I had booked, the lady was super nice and helpful and actually put us on the VIP lane. This I was super shocked about because I didn’t think I had booked that lane, but I think they just put us on there as other lanes were full. But still is was a nice surprise haha! (Sorry I didn’t really take any pictures)

I don’t necessary think that it looked amazingly “VIP” (I don’t really know how I thought it was going to look), but it had like a little step up and then a curtain and there were three lanes in that section only.

Also whilst I was booking online I had also booked with drinks so that they were already sorted for us, all we had to do was go over to the bar and collect them. This just made things a bit easier and it just meant we had more time for our game. It was cool because online there was an offer on for two games and drink so I think altogether that came to about £25 (which I think is super good), but then we also bought some more drinks.

We both really enjoyed the layout and how the bowling alley looked. There were leather sofa’s and tables and it was just really nice. There was also a pool table area next to the VIP, so that was pretty cool as well. I just think it looked amazing, and would be good for bigger groups as well.

Normally bowling for me is always hectic and sounds loud and busy, but this alley was really calm and there was music and it was just nice. We both had a really good time and really enjoyed this bowling alley. However, we didn’t actually try any food so I don’t really know whether that is good or not. But I think the overall experience for us was genuinely very good.

Have you ever been bowling? What is something you like to do for date nights?

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Gemma xx

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    1. So I am actually especially with the sides down 😂 the amount of rounds I didn’t hit any pins or just 1 pin!! Yeah Mario kart I am fine at but Ryan just always usually beats me haha

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