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Recently I have been thinking about a few different series that I want to bring to my blog. I am still not entirely sure but I wanted to share these ideas first before we get into today’s post and hopefully you can let me know what you think!

Firstly, “Workout Wednesday”- which is today’s post. Could this be a new thing? Would people be interested? I am not really sure where it could lead etc.

I am also thinking about doing a “Food Friday’s” once a month where I talk about a meal I have cooked or even things I bake etc. But lemme know what you guys think and any ideas or how you feel?

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Anyway let’s get into my post for today, this is my

Workout Wednesday!

So the “run” down for today… (get it “run” cause its a workout, I am so silly). I decided that I wanted to take a trip to the gym. Sometimes I do a home workout or go for a run and other times I will go to the gym.

Therefore, today I will be sharing with you a typical gym workout that I will do, and hopefully it might inspire some of you or we can share workout’s together!

*Disclaimer I am no expert so if you need advice definitely talk to professionals or trainers that specialise in this thing*

Establish your focus

Firstly it is always good to establish what you want to achieve at the gym on that day. For example, do you just want to focus on one part of your body that day, or do you want to just do a bit of everything.

I decided that for today I wanted to focus on my arms and my legs, and so I put together a list of equipment/machines that I wanted to use whilst I was there.

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The first thing I like to do when I get to the gym is warm up my legs. Personally I find going straight on the bike is beneficial for me, so I will head over to that (if it’s free) and will do a 5 minute warm up.

I break this down by doing a 1 minute sprint and then a 1 minute slow pace on the bike and this just helps me build up that heart rate and of course warm up.

Obviously this is personal to me so you do as you wish! I also will end up back on the bike as part of my workout. However, I normally will do my 5 minute warm-up then go elsewhere first. Once I come back if I am on the bike it will normally be a normal pace for about 15-20 minutes.

My routine for today

  • 10 minutes cross trainer
  • 10 minutes rowing machine
  • 15 minutes on the bike
  • ‘Pull down’ machine set of 10 x4
  • Leg press machine set of 20 x2 
  • Leg Extension machine set of 10 x3 
  • Free weights on matt (normally mix it up but do set of 10 x3)
  • 2 mile run on running machine
  • Stretch

Ok so that is my work out for today, sometimes I just like to do a bit of everything. Of course it also depends how I am feeling on the day, and this links with how many sets I do and how long etc.

I have really started seeing and feeling how good my body has been after doing this routine (of course I do change it every time I go to the gym). But, also it has really benefited my running as well, and I have got faster and been able to run longer distances much easier.

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Just remember on the days you feel not motivated to work out those are normally the days where you have a really good workout. So GO FOR IT, and just rock that work out. If you are a beginner I understand the gym can be daunting, but everyone is there for a reason and we are all in this together in wanting to feel better or tone or lose weight etc. So never feel embarrassed at all.

Also ask loads of questions and make sure you are using the right techniques etc because it can help you and obviously will less likely cause an injure. Therefore, do not be afraid to talk to the staff because that is what they are there for.

Also STRETCH!! This one is so important but worth it. I always stretch everyday, even if I am having a rest day because it just helps my muscles and just helps me get ready for my next workout. Plus like yoga it helps to become more stronger and flexible.

Anyway this a short and sweet little post involving my gym session! Thank you for reading my

Workout Wednesday!

I really hope I can inspire or encourage others in some way, or maybe if you are a feeling a change in your routine then hopefully this will help. This is just an all over the place post but if I do decide this is a thing I will try to theme the ‘Workout Wednesday’s’ posts more e.g. home work outs, focusing on one area of the body etc.

Gemmaa Jayne x

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