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Hi guys, I want to just thank you all for being so patient and amazing whilst I get my sh** together. The response on my previous post (you can read here) was so lovely, and it truly means the world to me. However, I will try to get 1 post up a week at the moment whilst I sort my life out, and whilst I am changing my site around. I hope that is ok, and I honestly appreciate all your support!

This post I wanted to talk about my day in Brighton (because I mean it’s Brighton and I bloody love it)… honestly it is one of my favourite places. However, this day was even more special because it was one of my good friends from work’s hen do (which we had planned ages ago).

This day was super cute and my friend drove us (because we had a more party hen do a few weeks previous- so this day was just more explore and fun) so we left early and arrived in Brighton about 11am.

Once we arrived we went straight to the pier (I mean of course, we are all big kids here) and we just walked around looking at all the games we were gonna go on later.

Then we headed straight for the first part of our activities for today… The Aquarium (SEA LIFE), and I do love exploring the underwater world. Plus I am always fascinated about the different species and love reading about them (yes I am nerdy). Also how CUTE is this turtle and it was actually MASSIVE. Like Hugeeee. But bloody beautiful. Also did you know turtles have been around for over 200 million years? Like wow, they were chilling with the dinosaurs back in the day.

Also this Sting ray was absolutely massive too. But so cute as well.

After we explored SEA LIFE we then decided to grab some lunch, and of course being by the sea side we just HAD to get fish and chips (it’s the only way right?). It was very yummy but of course 10x the price because it’s by the sea haha.

The next part of our trip involved an Escape Room, called “Pier Pressure”… boy was I excited (I mean when am I not haha). This was my first time doing an escape room and there was only four of us (usually they recommend bigger groups, which makes sense- more brains for puzzles right?). Naturally when we booked it we had to choose the hardest room haha, and I think we all believed we just wouldn’t do it. The room was called “Modrophenia” if anyone is interested or wants to give it a go.

I have to say the room was absolutely fantastic, our host was super cool and funny (Anthony- incase anyone wanted to know). I just have to say all in all it was absolutely great. Plus we did actually manage to complete the room in 59 minutes and 57 seconds- talk about close or what haha. We are proof you can do it with four of you. I didn’t get any pictures because obviously you are not allowed to take pictures inside, but I definitely recommend you going to this place if you are in Brighton because it was epic!

After the room they kindly gifted us a card which meant that we got a free drink or shot in a pub just up the road (which of course we accepted haha). Just to clarify they give these out after the game to everyone I assume, and the drinks can be soft drinks or certain alcoholic drinks. I don’t really know the selection because of course we all went for a shot, apart from my friend that was driving who just got a soft drink. However, this was still a cute touch and we got to just chill and reflect on what we just did.

Lastly, we went back to the pier grabbed some doughnuts and played loads of games, and ended up winning the bonus ticket thing on a game which meant like 600 tickets haha. Altogether we had like 1000 tickets meaning my friend got a board game.

We also went inside this upside down house thing, which was weird but kinda cool! After this we just went home and we were all very tired as you can imagine.

Have you been to Brighton? Where is one of your favourite places where ever you live? 

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed my sort of day/review and let me know if you have gone to any of the places mentioned or if you do go! See you soon.💚

Gemm xx

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  1. I went to Brighton last christmas and loved it! It is such an amazing place, I would love to live there, it sounds like you had a great time. I always love your follow me arounds! xxx

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