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Hello hope you are all well, today we are back with another Psych Sunday. I am really enjoying these posts especially as Psychology is my thing. I am always on the look out for new research or studies that I can share and talk about with you guys, and even start discussions because I love learning and hearing from you guys too.

Anyway lets get into today’s topic! You can check out the article yourself here. You can also read the actual study that the article is based on here.


I think learning new skills can sometimes be daunting and scary (not for me because I personally love learning and I am always willing to try something new). I am quite an independent learner for example, I taught myself how to play guitar, the piano, how to draw and currently teaching myself German! Therefore, I am quite reliant on myself and I think I have done a pretty good job of teaching myself- I play music very well, can draw pretty well and am learning German fine. It just meant it was better for me because I haven’t lost money on others helping me do these things. However, of course all of these things require a LOT of time, effort and hard work (boy am I glad that I taught myself to play guitar/piano when I was kid because I had so much more free time), and lucky for me and my personality I just naturally work until I can do something perfectly (or at least ok haha). Also I am not saying don’t take lessons for those things, because obviously it depends on who you are, and sometimes having a teacher is best for you. So just do what is best for you!

Let me know if you are learning anything new at the moment? 

Anyway this article talks about how to effectively learn a new skill, and it’s as simple as taking regular breaks! I mean maybe you guys already knew this haha, but now there is actually research to back this up!

The article first states the misconception that most of us believe that you need to “practice” loads when you are learning a new skill. This I guess is true because you do need to practice haha, but what this article means is that you shouldn’t be spending hours and hours a day consistently on learning that skill. You need regular breaks and often in order to be more better at learning that skill.

I also love the fact that this article states that their main aim is to help those that are recovering from strokes in re-learning skills! So this can definitely benefit all, and just if you are learning any skills.

There was study conducted on healthy participants within a clinical setting. The participants had to type numbers into a computer with their left or right hand after taking breaks every now and then (you can read more about how they did the experiment in the article).

The researchers found that the”performance improved during the short rests”. In addition, this “performance during the rests added up to the overall gains the volunteers made that day”. Therefore, this does support the fact that taking regular breaks when learning a new skill does play a critical role.

The researchers also studied the participants brainwaves and suggested that during the rest periods their brain activity showed they were “solidifying memories”. This just means that the rest periods helped them better to remember the new skill, if that makes sense. Just like practising helps to become better, so does having regular breaks.

Therefore, as this article suggests if you want to learn a skill then it is recommended to take regular breaks often, and this helps way more than just consistently sitting and practising a skill over and over. I guess this can also apply when it comes to doing work and revising (which I have talked about before as well).

What do you think about this article?

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  1. I love teaching myself new things. I was inspired recently by a TED talk to learn one new thing each month. If I like it, I will keep doing it after a month; if I don’t like it, I will stop after the month is up. I practice for about 10 minutes/day. This month I am learning to juggle. It is really fun! It makes me wonder why I didn’t try to learn earlier! Thanks for sharing the article with us.

    1. Thank you for this lovely comment! I love TED talks, I think I have watched that one too! That is great to live by, I definitely need to apply that more to my own life. I have tried to learn to juggle before and it was not happening haha! Thanks for reading, keep up with the learning! Xxx

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