Re-styling Old Clothes…

Hello there, so in line with my previous post (you can check out here), I thought I would follow that up with a focus on how I re-use old clothes and go into a bit more detail.

I am definitely the type of person that will re-use a product until it can literally no longer function or be used. Which I guess in a way is great for our environment because I tend to make products last forever haha.

In terms of clothes I have always donated to charity or given to friends or family if they are still in pretty good condition but I personally have no more use for them. However, of course there might come a time where a piece of clothing might just look old and ragged and you just think I cannot use it no more.

However, it is just not in me to throw something away until I know for sure that it just has no purpose no more haha. Therefore, I tend to get creative and cut the clothing up and re style it to make it look “new” and just completely re-do it really. So I thought I would show you in some pictures how I have done this…

Firstly I look at the clothing I have, in this case it is a top (which was only about £4 from Primark anyway). I then think to myself what I would like to change it into- whether this may be into a crop top or adding two pieces of clothes together, you just have to decide that first before anything else.

In this case I wanted to crop it. Therefore I got my scissors and cut off the sleeves and cut some of the bottom of the top so it was more cropped (and don’t worry I always make sure to use up every bit of fabric that I have cut off too). I then tried it on to see what it looked like and see if I need to cut any more off or change it a bit.

Then I decide what to do with the other fabric. Firstly the sleeves I used as cleaning cloths for the house work (and trust me they work wonders for cleaning- you would be surprised!). However, you could also use the sleeves to make a cute little pocket on the top- which I totally would have done if I had a sewing machine! The bottom of the top I decided to make a headband out of.

As you can see I was really happy with making headbands (I am a sucker for a cute headband- call me Blair Waldorf). Therefore, I really enjoyed using the rest of the fabric I had cut off to make these cute little headbands, and of course all different colours because of the different tops etc. I don’t like to waste any of it!

(These are some other tops I have restyled) 

There you go, styling up old tops are super fun and can create a new style for an old piece of clothing that you may have over worn, and make it look good again. I think if you have a sewing machine this can be even more fun and creative. Overall this is just better for the environment because you are getting longer wear out of those clothes, and just making better use. Plus it means less waste which is great! I mean tops tend to be the easiest to alter, but with a sewing machine you can easily alter the trousers or shorts if you needed to change them.

Do you have any tips or ideas on how to re-use clothes? If not just let me know what you think about this idea in the comments!

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  1. Wow what a unique and interesting post, I love it! I so need to do this to some of my clothes that are hiding at the back of my closet collecting dust!xx

  2. Great post! You’re really creative! I would’ve never thought of doing headband with old shirts, it’s a very good idea! 😄 How much could you do with a sewing machine, right? 😂

    1. Sometimes these ideas just come to me whilst I am getting creative 😂 thank you! Absolutely, if I had one there would be no stopping me haha!

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