Tips on Becoming more Eco-Friendly

Hi there, first of all I am not perfect and I don’t think anyone else is when it comes to the environment. However, I think because of all of the things around us that were seen as “normal” are now becoming things that are damaging we are more aware of how to look after the environment.

I love the fact there is more awareness and people are talking and trying to change. But, it will take time and I believe that if we all start doing little things then it will make a big difference.

Today’s post I will be diving into my

Tips on becoming more Eco-friendly!

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  1. Clothes

It has become well known now that fast fashion is damaging to our environment. However, there are some things we can do. We can give unwanted clothes to charity, to friends/family, sell them or something I like doing is to re-style them. By this I mean I cut them up and change how they look to create a different style, and then any fabric I have cut off I then use as cloths around the house to clean. That way they last longer and become even more useful.

I definitely recommend finding other ways to use clothes especially if they are in no condition to re-sell or give to someone else. But, also I have always been brought up to not just throw things away if they rip but always to try and fix them. Therefore, I always sew things back up and use them again and again. I guess that’s just the creative person within me that loves this! I would really LOVE  a sewing machine though.

I mean I am not necessarily a massive “fast fashion” person, I probably buy some clothes a couple of times a year. Most of the time I just re-wear what I have. I know that whatever I buy I just wear the same things over and over so I don’t tend to spend my money on clothes. But also going to charity shops are a great way to find some bargains but also reduce the waste and help the environment!

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2. Reduce plastic

This is probably one of the biggest struggles, because plastic is literally everywhere. Especially when it comes to food shopping. However, some supermarkets are testing “non plastic” isles where you can just pick up your fruit and veg. So I get this one is hard.

I love the fact a lot of companies are now using paper straws, yes they get soggy but if that means the place we live in can thrive and survive then I don’t care about a soggy straw and neither should you. In regards to drinking I always carry my bottle that I just refill up again and again with water. Also my friend got me a Costa mug which I can take into coffee shops and get them to fill up with hot drinks. Every little helps. I am hoping that there will be other ways to store food other than plastic very soon.

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   3. Meat free meal 

By this I mean once a week just dedicate to making a vegetarian meal, with no meat at all. Hopefully if everyone tried this (I mean unless you are already vegetarian or vegan), this will help to reduce carbon footprint. I personally am not a massive meat eater anyway (I used to be vegetarian), so most of my meals are veggie options anyway. But, if you do eat a lot of meat, I think this idea is a good one to cut down a bit. But also to explore other meal options, there are some great recipes out there!

4. Recycle

I feel like this one is obvious, but even just checking what you can and can’t recycle is important. I will post a link down below which has a good list to check! There were somethings I realised they don’t recycle even when I have put them in the recycling before. So definitely give this a read, and obviously this might be different depending on where you are from as well.

Do you have any tips or recommendations for becoming more eco-friendly? 

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Gemmaa Jayne x

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  1. Me and my family don’t eat any meat on Fridays, but that’s more of a religion thing than a vegan thing. We also have separate recycling and garbage bins too.

    1. Ah yeah I have heard of that! Yeah we have separate bins too and even separate recycling bins that you have to travel too for other things as well. Thanks for reading x

  2. Great post! I’m on the path of trying to reduce plastic and it is so hard!! Especially for food, everything has a plastic packaging! I also use a reusable plastic bottle and I’ll probably buy reusable straws even though you have to carry them around and it’s not easy to always remember that!
    Thank you for sharing that 😍🌱

    1. Definitely I agree! I really hope there is a solution for this food and stuff because there needs to be! Yeah I am looking into the metal straws but they are expensive. Thanks for reading 😊 x

  3. This is a great post girl! I’m working as a fundraiser for an environmental charity so a lot of my daily work is talking to people about this kind of thing – im always on the hunt for how to be environmentally friendly. The tip about using old damaged clothes as houseclothes is a brilliant one!xx

    1. Thank you! Oh wow that sounds amazing!! Go you and hopefully spreading the word because it is so important! Thank you, it is a good idea haha! I’m always trying to be creative and it’s just about reducing waste and just making things last I guess 😊 plus they work really well as cleaning cloths haha! Thanks for reading xx

  4. This is amazing, I desperately want to become more eco-friendly so this post is so helpful! I definitely want to cut down the amount of plastic I waste xx

    1. Thank you! Me too and I really am trying to educate myself on how to become better, and plastic is such a big issue for the whole country! I hope they bring out other options soon xxx

  5. These are great tips! I recycle as much as I can, I give clothes to family or charity and I want to try slimming down on how much meat I eat. Thank you for sharing xx

  6. When you choose to become more eco friendly, not only are you making choices which will protect the environment, these choices can also benefit you by saving you money.

    1. 100% I completely agree! And talking about it more and hopefully encouraging others is a big help too! It’s all soo important. It’s a win win, helping the environment and saving money 😊 thanks for reading x

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