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Hello, it is the officially the month of May and I am feeling overtired, stressed and have a lot to be dealing with regarding my Masters and work. However, I am determined and I will get there!

This post instead of a “favourites” post I just wanted to talk about things I have been enjoying and believe they deserve some appreciation! So I have broken them down into categories…

Ted Talks/Talks

“Alain de Botton – The Future Of The Way We Live, Love And Work”

Firstly this one is absolutely amazing, and I really enjoyed watching this and I love TED TALKS and all this kind of stuff haha. I just find it so interesting. I definitely recommend you watching this because it is fab!

I love the fact he states a quote that  says “some of us wouldn’t have fallen in love if we weren’t aware there was such a thing”. Honestly like so interesting. He also goes on to talk about how “love” is very society driven and I feel that.

“If I should have a daughter … | Sarah Kay”

This is another one I have watched a billion times and still love it! It is a poem but it is honestly one of my favourites and I am not a massive poem person (sorry guys). But this gal has a few talks that are amazing, and I recommend watching her other ones.

“Sarah Kay & Phil Kaye – “When Love Arrives”

This is another one from her and you need to watch this one because it’s great! She talks with her friend and I think her talks are just so inspiring and I love watching them. Trust me I have watched them so much, and they definitely inspire me when I need it the most.

If you watch any of them let me know what you think in the comments! 🙂


There are two books for this month that I wanna talk about, and I am gonna be completely honest with these reviews. If you want to read what the books are about I will link them down the bottom (no ad or affiliate I will just link so I don’t have to write the blurb out haha).

“Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine”…

Firstly this book was highly recommended and I was very late to the train for reading this one haha. But I was intrigued and wanted to see what the fuss was about. I began reading it and to be honest I was not getting into it, but I thought I would continue to see if it gets any better… yes it does. I was then gripped and finished the book and thought it was such a wonderful book. Therefore I do recommend given it a read if you haven’t despite the slow start for me personally.

“The Tattooist of Auschwitz”…

This book was so eye-opening and brilliant, and literally had me from start to finish. It is emotional and hard to read but I think it is so important to read about our history and to acknowledge it and respect it. I personally have had the opportunity to go to Poland and visit the different camps, museums and speak to a survivor. It was an experience I will never forget, and I recommend going to Poland just as much as you should read this book.

Do you have any books you recommend? 


Thank you to all who reads, comments and likes and just supports what I write. I am not great at blogging, I don’t know anything about web design etc. I don’t really know anyone personally that is a blogger. I mean I comment and talk to people through twitter and on blog comments. But I wouldn’t even know how to go about becoming friends with people or having people to meet up with- I am too scared for that. However, I have achieved so much through this blog and gained more confidence than I ever thought I would. So thank you! I do appreciate every comment and support, and I am sending love to you all!

Thanks for reading, if you enjoyed give a like, comment and follow for more posts!💚

How was April for you guys? Do you have any favourites for the month?

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Gemma xx

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  1. I love TED Talks too! Never listen to those ones though! I might share some of my favourite ones 🤔
    Thank you so much for mentionning me 😘 I love how you turned the “favourites” into gratitude 😍

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