Day in my life: Concert Vibes🎤🎸

*super sorry I thought I posted this before I went out last night and didn’t so here it is haha*

I haven’t done one of these in a while and I really just felt like doing one. Just going with it in the moment and no real structure, so here we go…

Today consisted of a nice lay in after a previous two days of working long hours (and I am always shattered).


I mean this is probably the latest I have slept in for such a long time (probably over a year haha). Anyway I got up went down to the bathroom did the usual wash face routine haha. I then made myself a cup of tea and orange juice (I know I treated myself to two drinks haha), and today I had some bunny crumpets. Legit the cutest thing, and they tasted yummy so what is not to like? I am definitely getting into the Easter spirit, and I have officially not eaten chocolate since the 6th of March, and it’s now the 17th of April. That is something I am proud of, minor but I am still proud.

The morning just consisted of me getting ready, I put some washing on that I needed to do and did some cleaning chores, and then did some of my uni work. I just want to get these deadlines over with but I am just struggling with this one. I just don’t really know what I am trying to say with it haha, but I am just writing everything I can down so I can just at the end organise all the paragraphs together. I don’t really know. Anyone else ever feel like this with coursework or writing?

Also I don’t know if this happens to anyone else but when I know I am going to concert I find it so hard to concentrate on anything else… just me? I just get too excited I think haha.


I decided this would be the perfect time for me to take a break and have some food. For lunch I was feeling a cheese toastie, and I added some salad on the side. But I also treated myself to this AMAZING cupcake (which doesn’t have any chocolate- I checked haha). It tastes SO GOOD.

I then decided to get back on it and do some revision as I have a deadline and exam on the same day coming up (absolutely love that…haha). This exam is on Statistics as well, so just require a lot of reading over and understanding. However, luckily for me I did this course during my third year undergraduate degree. In comparison to the others on my course I definitely understand it and find it a lot easier than they do. I knew picking it in my third year would come in handy for the future, and alas it has.


I decided this is the perfect time to start getting ready for the evening…

So tonight I have something exciting planned and that is I am going to a concert and honestly I am beyond excited haha. I am actually going by myself so yeah that’s new and I am nervous about it. After I had booked myself a ticket I found out one of my work friends actually like the artist as well, which is annoying as she would have come with me. But, still this is a new experience and something I haven’t done before, but I am sure I will have a great night. At concerts I tend to dance and sing loudly and don’t really care what people think, and I absolutely LOVE the artist (bit of a guilty pleasure I think haha).

For my outfit I definitely went for “rock chick” vibes haha. It consisted of a grey tee and some grey faded jeans, and then matched my eyeshadow and went for a grey colour and then topped off with a red lip. I felt very cool and confident.

It is so weird because my music varies from pop to rock to 80’s and I literally listen to everything (apart from classical). I have a very good music knowledge haha, if only I could say the same about remembering stuff for exams. But, anyway I think I am going to write a post about my solo experience of going to a concert with pros and cons- hopefully that will interest people. Has anyone ever been to a concert by themselves?

What have you been up to today? Got any plans for rest of the week?

That is it for my day today, if you enjoyed give a like, comment and follow for more! 💚 I have a Psych Sunday post coming this Sunday so stay tuned for that! Thanks for reading,

Gemma xx


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  1. Omg girl I am literally so freaking proud that you went to the concert on your own, like so so proud!! I defo want to start doing more things on my own, so I would love a post all about it! Adored this post girl, youre one of my absolute fav bloggers xx

    1. Thank you!! I am proud as well haha, and I had so much fun so hopefully can encourage others to do it too ☺️ aww thank you so much, that means a LOT as you and your blog is amazing 💖 xxx

  2. I am such a worrier when it comes to concerts. I always worry about not having enough time that I find it hard to start or do anything on concerts days.
    I am so impressed at you going to a concert by yourself! I have been to one concert alone and I felt so self conscious the entire time that I did not enjoy it as much as I should have. xx

    1. That was literally me haha! And for some reason I always worry that my ticket won’t get me in, even though I always order from the site they recommend haha😂. Thank you, so am I. Oh really, that is what I was worried about but I actually had a really good time and sang and danced the whole time haha. I completely forgot I was alone when the concert began. That’s a shame you didn’t enjoy it as much though xx

      1. I once got let inside the wrong venue because the bouncer misread my ticket! Only realized when the artist came on and it was not the right one!! xx

      2. Agreed! I was so annoyed but thankfully it was just the venue next door and we had just missed the opening act. xx

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