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I was thinking about ideas for date nights with my partner the other day, and I thought I would share some of them with you! Plus if you have any great ideas you can also share yours in the comments.

  • Bake Dates

Firstly this sounds amazing, I love baking so what could be better? Plus it is super cute but may also possibly end up in a flour fight… but that bit is optional haha! Plus with baking there are unlimited choices, it doesn’t necessarily have to be cakes. But I just think this is a cute idea.

  • Games night

This could be however you want, but sometimes I just think it is nice to relax and just play games with your partner. This could be computer/playstation/xbox whatever you wish, or it could quite simply be good old fashioned board games (they are pretty great lets be honest). Myself and my partner are both quite competitive so this is fun for us. Plus this is super cheap if you already have your collection of games.

  • Indoor picnic

Of course it is nice to go out and explore and have a cute little picnic, but also if you both don’t have time maybe just after work in the evening have a little set up. This you can do in the living room or kitchen, just put down a blanket and buy lots of cute food. You can even have some candles as well (maybe not on the blanket cause that is just a disaster waiting to happen). If it is warm and you have a garden or balcony you could also do this in the garden. I think it sounds pretty good.

  • Come Dine with me/Masterchef Style Date

Basically you can either have a cute “Come dine with me” style date where you take turns to cook a three course meal and just have a cute date. You could also make it a little more fun and do it “master chef” style where you buy each other some ingredients and then the other person has to make a meal out of the ingredients you bought them. Think it just makes things a little funny and exciting that way.

  • Book Club for Two

This one you can just both read a book and then just talk about it. I think it’s a great way to bond, but also to be able to hear each-others thoughts and feelings on different books. You can do this once a week or once a month and it’s just something a bit different

There are also other ideas like movie marathons, pizza making, karaoke, party for two, spa night etc

Let me know what are some of your ideas for date nights at home?

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  1. These are all such good ideas! My boyfriend and I are always having movie nights so it would be nice to shake it up and try something new. xx

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