Let’s celebrate Each other…🌸💖

I wanted to write a short little post to remind us to celebrate each other. This month has been female dominated with it being International Women’s Day, Women’s history month and it’s coming up to Mother’s Day in the UK. What a wonderful month of female empowerment.

It shouldn’t stop. Every day we should celebrate each other; whether that be our friends, family, work colleagues or even strangers. Supporting and praising each other is just damn great tbh.

We live in a world that thrives off competing (and that is not a bad thing, I am a very competitive person). We all gotta have the “better house” or the “better car” or “better clothes”, and social media has a massive influence in this. Especially in how we all want to portray ourselves.

However, you can also just be whoever you want to be. You wanna be that gym fanatic, you be that! You wanna be that science geek, you be that! Be whoever YOU want to be, you do you hunnie. Let people praise and celebrate you for you.

I love praising others whether that be what they are wearing, something at work or a sport achievement or just for working hard. It doesn’t matter how big or small, any form of celebrating what someone has done will have a big impact.

You have one life to make a difference. Think of all the difference you can make on a daily basis. Not gonna lie I went up to someone the other day and told them I loved their scarf and to have a nice day. Their face proper lit up and honestly it was just the best feeling in the world. I’m not saying go up to strangers, but even your friends just letting them know you are proud and celebrating their achievements.

Lets spread some positivity. 💚🌸

Leave a comment of something you have done recently that you are proud of (big or small)?!

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Gemma xx

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  1. Great post !! 😍 I also think that focusing on what’s good and positive about other people can trick our mind to see life more positively, so everybody wins! One thing I did recently that I’m very proud of is finding the strength to apply for a PhD despite being insecure about my skills. And I got it! 😊

  2. I have social anxiety so a big accomplishment of mine was getting a gym membership and actually using it. I have ups and downs but I am proud of myself for the times that I do go. How about you? xx

    1. That is so great! I am proud of you for that, and definitely praise yourself for that! And don’t worry if you have ups and downs, just know you are bossing it! 💖 I definitely think going to a concert by myself has been a big thing for me recently I am proud of that xx

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