Women’s History Month 2019

I am all for celebrating men and women, lets just celebrate each other. However, for today’s post it is dedicated to “Women’s History Month”.

In case you didn’t know Women’s History Month is the whole of March that highlights the contributions of women throughout history and even today. You can check out more on the website here. Therefore, I wanted to talk about women throughout history that are inspiring and some you may have heard of.

Firstly being an aspiring psychologist (specifically child and adolescent psychologist), I of course HAD to start off talking about women in psychology!

  • Mary Calkins

Calkins was one of the first female psychologists that went for a doctorate. However, due to her gender, at Harvard where she attended they refused to grant her the doctorate. This did not stop her and she actually went on to become the first female president of the American Psychological Association (APA), American Psychiatry Association and also the first female elected honorary of the British Psychological Association (BPA). This was pretty much a “f*** you Harvard” because Calkins was just a badass! She did also publish a lot work into self-psychology.

  • Mary Ainsworth

If you did A-level psychology then you have probably heard of this lady. Ainsworth has published a lot of work that has contributed to developmental psychology. She is well known for her “strange situation” which focuses on attachment styles, and how these might contribute to our later relationships. Basically she conducted a study with mums and their child and just observed how the child acted once the mum left the room. She is definitely still widely used and acknowledged in developmental psychology today.

  • Melanie Klein

So you may have heard of play therapy. If not it is basically therapy which is commonly used for children in order for them to express their feelings in a natural way/setting. Klein was a psychoanalyst and a pioneer for play therapy. She argued that it was a way for children to communicate, but also using techniques she could investigate children’s unconscious feelings, anxieties and experiences (bringing a bit of Freud into the mix). Although she did have a major disagreement with Freud’s daughter, Anna Freud. However, Klein argued that during play you could explore anxieties that impact the ego and super-ego (something that Anna did not agree with). Basically Klein was super important and great in psychology.

Go women in psychology! You can probably find out more information through google/researching, and also there is loads of other fantastic female psychologists. I just don’t have the time to write about them all.

Here are some other fab women…

  • Marie Curie 

You may have heard of her, or you may be familiar with a charity in her name that sell yellow flower badges. Basically Curie founded a new science in radioactivity, and began launching effective cures for cancer. ALSO being the fab woman she was, was the first woman to win a nobel prize AND the first PERSON (out of men and women) to win a second nobel prize! I am clapping my hands at my screen here, because that’s just amazing.

  • Rosa Parks

I mean you have got to have heard of Rosa Parks. But, if not she challenged the race segregation by refusing to give up her seat on a bus so that a white person could sit down. Absolutely brilliant if you ask me. This also helped spark the civil rights movement. Gotta bloody love Rosa Parks.

  • Emmeline Pankhurst

You may have heard of Pankhurst as well. This lovely lady fought for women’s rights to vote, which got thousands of other women involved as well. This was great in British history. I am all for women supporting women and fighting for each other!

  • Ada Lovelace 

Lovelace was a very gifted mathematician, and was considered the first computer programmer! Yep the FIRST. A industry that people consider to be quite male dominated (I hope that is all changing nowadays though), it is just great to know that the first programmer was actually a woman. Hats off to Lovelace, because maths is bloody hard and I love her determination to help bring something into our community that is now considered just a part of everyday life.

  • Amelia Earhart

I love Amelia Earhart, she is just incredible. Basically she took up aviation (operating an aircraft) in 1921 (I think), and became the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic. She also broke the speed and flying records, like what a lady! So motivating that she just went out there and bossed it, and she was so determined to keep going.

Ya welcome for the history lesson haha. I really hope you enjoyed this and definitely research these different incredible women if you want to read more. I just didn’t want to make this super long, so I tried to keep it short and sweet. But, honestly everyone I mentioned has inspired me in some way, and I learnt about them all in school and still love to read about them and learn about people.

Who are some women that have inspired you throughout history?

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Lets inspire each other! πŸ’š

Gemma xx



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  1. Great post, I love it! From my studies in psychology I obsiously knew about Klein or Ainsworth but it’s nice to remember them as one of the greatests women out there 😊

  2. Love the accompanying photographs! I am so proud of myself for knowing most of these women (thank you A Level History). xx

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