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This is a special post today (normally I only post Wednesday’s and Sunday’s), but because we are celebrating women today, I couldn’t not post. Let’s spread the love and positive vibes.

I have thought about this a lot recently about who I look up to from TV- and yes I realise these are characters but they can still have a massive impact on your life. They can still teach you a lot, and also help you grow as an individual. I have personally certainly learnt a lot from TV and have gained a lot more belief in myself and confidence.

Lets get into my inspirational women…

  • Blair Waldorf 

I understand that she might not be everyone’s cup of tea and she does start off mean. But, there are life lessons that she teaches and ways she inspires me. Firstly, she always is there for her friends, no matter what. Secondly, she always has her heart on her sleeve and isn’t afraid of talking about her feelings- something I could definitely try and do a lot more. Thirdly, the confidence she shows is just great and I love it, her confidence to just accept and be herself inspired me to do the same- and I have never looked back. Always be confident of who you are. My fourth reason, she never lets any man tell her her worth- because she knows she is the queen. Lastly, her work ethic is impeccable and her style is just a dream for me haha (Can you tell I love her just a bit? Maybe a lot ahah. I mean I do have a hefty headband collection- I just love them like Blair does).

  • Betty Suarez 

Honestly I watched this on TV and it had so many life lessons that inspired me. Firstly, she was not afraid to be herself- and that is incredibly important for all women! She always dressed how she wanted and just was proud to be her. I love that. Secondly, she worked bloody hard. Throughout the series you see her go from an assistant to then grabbing a job in London and that is damn fab if you ask me. It was like watching a friend progress throughout life, but on a TV screen and I just adored her. You gotta work hard to get to where you want to go.

  • Jess Day

Man oh man there was a time I was OBSESSED with Jess from New Girl. Honestly, she was so similar to me, and that is why I related to her so much (I bought all the box sets as well so I could take them to uni with me haha). But lets talk about why she inspires me… as I mentioned her personality is just weird and crazy and wacky and I love that, I think it’s great to just again be yourself and have fun. She is constantly showing off the fact she is weird and she isn’t afraid of that. She embraces it, just like me. Additionally, she is always there for her friends, and she is always optimistic. Both are great things for us to do in life.

  • Mindy Lahiri

I don’t know if anyone else watched ‘The Mindy Project’ but it was great. Mindy was always honest and that is a great aspect to have. Honesty is the best policy and all that jazz. I have always tried to be as honest as I can, and it shouldn’t be seen as such a bad thing. She is also just pretty BADASS, sassy, confident and is not afraid to show who she really is. Quite similar to the reasons in all of these fab women I am talking about. Plus not to mention she is a DOCTOR, so again hard work pays off ladies. Lastly, and of course we can’t forget she is pretty funny, and gives pretty damn good advice. Things we all need in life- humour and advice haha. It just goes to show that you can work hard and be funny and amazing at the same time.

  • Lizzie McGuire

This one is pretty old school haha. But I thought I would mention her because when I was a kid and watched her she did inspire me back then (as well as all the other classics like Zoeey 101 or the sleepover club- anyone else watch them?). Anyway Lizzie was just down to earth, always went for what she believed in and was just a great friend. As a kid I wanted to be more like Lizzie and just not care what people think, and go for my dreams. Little throwback inspo there.

  • Dr Temperance Brennan 

I really enjoyed Bones when it was on TV because I love science (am I nerdy? Yes). Yes I am aware this isn’t the real deal and it’s just a TV show, but still I loved it. This show highlighted female scientists and that is pretty damn great if ya ask me. Brennan was incredibly smart and worked hard every day on those cases. Work ethic is important ladies. She also enjoyed reminding people who she was. Also she never does anything that she doesn’t want to do and that is a great lesson. I feel like in life a lot of people or women do things for others, when really we should be more like Brennan and just do what we feel is right for ourselves. It definitely helped me watching this show to see that women can do any job, and especially science. You boss that job or whatever you want to do ladies- don’t let anyone stop you from doing your dream.

Ok so I could definitely go on and on and talk about more amazing women in TV shows and there is a lot more that I adore (can you tell I watch a lot of TV haha). There is also a lot of women I adore in my real life or influencers ect. Today is a day to celebrate women but don’t forget to celebrate each other on a daily basis. There is a lot of negativity around, but there is nothing wrong with complimenting each other. I do it all the time to my friends, family and even strangers. I complimented a strangers outfit the other day, but by the look on her face I just made her day.

Who are your favourite inspirational women? What women inspire you from TV shows?

I really enjoyed writing today’s post, I am all about appreciating others and showing them off haha! Thanks for reading, if you enjoyed give a like, comment and follow for more posts every Wednesday’s and Sunday’s! You can catch up on my previous post here. See you soon,

Gemma xx

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  1. I loved this post! Jess is one of my favorite characters, she’s so quirky and weird and I love it. Also Dr. Brennan from Bones (the actresses for Jess and Dr. Brennan are sisters haha)! I sadly haven’t really watched any of the other shows you mentioned. I used to be obsessed with Lie to Me and loved Gillian Foster (she had more of a caring and responsible yet fun personality and would do anything to help those she cared about) and I’m also a huge fan of Kate Beckett from Castle (she’s basically a badass and very determined, smart, and loyal too).

    1. Thank you!!💚 yeah I read they were sisters, they are both awesome haha! I have heard of castle, my friend watches it but I have never seen it! I might have to give it a watch. She sounds amazing- definite role model for women 😊 x

  2. Thank you! 😁 yess definitely. Yeah she does and she always knows what to do and she is just so confident I love it. Honestly thought I was the only one that watched it 😂 such a great show, I still know the theme song now x

  3. Great post!! I totally agree with you, I really like Jess’ personality in New Girl! Also Lizzie McGuire hahahaha!
    I’m not sure which one is my favourite though, I like some aspects of all of them 😂

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