March: ‘Monthly’ Goals…✅

This month I am setting myself some fitness related goals that I want to achieve. I have wrote a whole year worth of goals (you can check that out here), however they are kind of just main goals I want to end up doing (another half-marathon for example). But, it doesn’t take into account the daily training I am trying to get myself into to be able to get to that point. So here we go…

First goal:

Firstly I have set myself a running goal (I mean you have to run to do a half-marathon- well you can walk as well haha but for me I run), and to be able to complete a half-marathon I need to regularly run to keep that fitness up. Therefore, I am starting small again and I want to be able to run 25 miles throughout the month of March. This should be alright I have done 50 miles within a month before so this should be easy for me to complete. If I run over 25 miles that is great, but if I can even just get the 25 miles I will be very happy.

Second goal:

This second goal is a new one for me because I have never set myself a goal for cycling before. I haven’t actually owned a bike since I was a kid (to be honest I am too scared to cycle in the road haha). I have rented one of those “boris bikes” (thats what they were called) around London and that was scary as hell haha! Especially with the London traffic. However, this goal is not going to be done on a actual bike (I do eventually want to buy a bike and get back into it), but I mean the bikes at the gym. So this should be fairly easier than riding an actual bike as well. But, I still want it to be a goal. Therefore, again I am starting small to build myself up and I want to cycle 10k on the bike a week throughout March (this works out to about 6.2 miles a week).

Third goal:

This goal is just random but I want to complete one fitness class throughout March. That probably seems really small, but I have a very busy life so even finding time to do one class will be great for me. I have done spin classes before and I really enjoyed them, so I will probably choose to do that this month. Again if I can do more classes that will be great, but I want to at least complete one class.

There we have it, my fitness goals for the month! I will probably do a little summary post at the end of the month so I can update whether I have achieved this or not, so look out for that. I do also have other personal goals as well but my main focus this month that I need to work on is my fitness (all my personal/work stuff I have got into a nice routine for).

What goals have you set yourself for this month? If you haven’t set yourself goals, do you have anything exciting planned for this month?

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Gemma xx

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  1. It’s good having fitness goals. I started mine in January, it’s a little bit challenging to keep the pace but I have to keep pushing.
    I look forward to see the results. 😊♥️

    1. Yeah I agree! I always set myself monthly goals for my fitness😊 yeah definitely, and it’s always hard trying to keep motivation but sometimes you just gotta do it!
      Thank you! And thanks for reading good luck with your goals too 💚

    1. Yeah definitely! I think it’s a great way especially with fitness and seems to motivate me more, because I am not thinking about the end goal but my daily/weekly goals. Thanks for reading xx

  2. Good luck with these goals. My goal is to finally get back into fitness, as I missed it so much. I don’t even know why I stopped working out to be honest, but I need to get back into it and this month is my coming back into fitness month . xx

    1. Thank you so much! That’s a great goal! To be honest that has happened to me before and I just lost all motivation and just didn’t know why I couldn’t work out. But it’s just finding something you enjoy and finding a way back into it again 😊 you got this 💪🏽💚

  3. there was one summer where i rode my bike ALL the time & it was so peaceful! & a great way to get some exercise as well 🙌🏻 i kinda like the bikes at the gym too cuz you can zone out, i’ve even seen people reading or studying, etc!

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