A letter to my 25 year old self πŸ’«…

I have been writing this for a while and I just didn’t know whether I wanted to post it. I have previously wrote a “25 things to achieve before 25” post, and it dawned on me that I will be 25 next year… like how has that happened? How am I nearly half way through my twenties?

Also make sure to go check out Hannah’s post where she replied to herself (here) because I really enjoyed reading her letter and this reply and it inspired me to actually post mine! πŸ’–Anyway here is my letter…

First of all I want to write a little appreciation for you. You have always been harsh on yourself, but I think turning 23 was one of the best things for you. What once was a shy reserved girl that hated public speaking or even speaking in front of people, you now have more confidence and are doing so well. I am proud of you- past Gemma would be so proud of you too. You can deal with hard problems at work. You have learnt how to help and support SEN children, and even learnt how to support a child that was fed through a tube through her tummy (and felt like a proper doctor!). You can put your hand up during lectures and answer questions- even if it still does make your heart pound. You can talk to people. Well done, and you will only continue to grow and get better and learn. 

Anyway to future Gemma there are some things I hope you are able to achieve or complete within the time until you are 25. Trust me it is going fast so hop on that train of completion and get these done! Stop convincing yourself otherwise or making excuses, lets make life the best it can be! Firstly I want you to be able to compete in another two half-marathons at least. The first one made you feel amazing- and there has definitely been a change within you, so lets continue to get better (you can read about that here).

Secondly you are currently going through your year as a Master student, and yes it is bloody hard and stressful and you have worked your butt off. It is hard working 20 hours a week, keeping up with the demands of a masters, doing a research placement and trying to have a social life… but you are doing brilliantly! Therefore, I just want you to finish that Masters and get a job as a research assistant. Just get out there and find what you really love and just DO THE HELL OUT OF THAT JOB.

Thirdly, on a more personal note I just want you to continue to push your boundaries and do things that you are not necessarily comfortable with. I think keep doing presentations and talking to bigger groups and build that confidence. You will get better at it and will just become natural after time.

I also would like you to travel more and stop holding back. I get that money is an issue sometimes and you are saving to move out with Ryan, but I think life is too short and even organising weekend’s away to places around Europe and just exploring that way is still great- and cheaper! You need to see the world and don’t let anything stop you.

Lastly, as I briefly mentioned above I would like to think that by the time you are 25 you and Ryan will have moved out and have your own little place. It is hard and you both have been saving, and I think going part time and doing a Masters has made things a little slower. But once I have completed my Masters then things should get going again, and my career should be going in the direction I want it too.

That”s it for my general letter to myself, but of course you can read in more detail things I want to do in the post I linked up the top!

What are some things you want to achieve?

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Gemma xx

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  1. That is such a lovely letter for yourself, so sweet. Pushing yourself is how you grow, it’s exactly what I am trying to do also! I wrote a post about things I want to achieve this year. 28 things to be precise as I turned 28 a couple on 11th Feb. A couple are to take more photographs with my camera and read more xx

    1. Thank you! It is nice to look back on too. Aww that’s nice, and definitely such a good idea 😊 happy birthday for the 11th, hope it was good! Those are some great goals, I definitely need to read more haha xxx

  2. Lovely post! I really like the idea 😊 Wishing you the best to achieve everything you want for your 25 years old self! 😘 Maybe you mentionned it previously but I can’t seem to remember: what are you studying? πŸ˜„

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