London Date- 3 year anniversary ❤️…

It is near valentines and I know there is a love/hate relationship with the day (I personally don’t celebrate it- but I see why people do or like to), and our anniversary falls just before it. February the 9th to be exact, the day Ryan asked me to be his girlfriend 3 years ago.

*disclaimer: I promise I will try not to be soppy haha* 

As a holiday this year we decided to book a trip to New York (like holy sh** I am still in disbelief), therefore our anniversary we just decided to explore London. This is because, New York is expensive and most of our money has gone towards that, so we didn’t want to spend lots of money going away. However, our original plan was to go to Brighton for the day (we love Brighton haha), but alas the trains did not want us to go- and to be quite honest I didn’t want to spend our day on replacement bus services… so London it was!

Firstly we made our way near the London Eye- there is plenty of things to do and explore around there. Of course there are all the typical tourist attractions too. Originally we had thought about maybe going to the Sea Life (as you can tell there may be a theme occurring with things just not wanting to work out for us this day haha), however we got there and it was £30 each. I mean I guess to some that may not be much, but to us we just didn’t feel like it would be worth it. Plus we had both been before so it wasn’t a big deal.

We then wandered along and went into the arcade they have (its where McDonalds is), and just had some fun in there. If ya can’t go to Brighton may as well pretend haha. I do love a good arcade- especially the basketball game, and this arcade has a tiny dodgems so it is pretty cool.

After this we were quite hungry so decided to stop off at TGI’s- and of course I had to get the bubblegum cocktail- it’s just so pretty and tasty haha! Whilst we were talking we decided that it might be cool to go check out “Ripley’s Believe it or not”- I have went a couple of times and thought it would be funny. However (can you guess where this is going…) when we got there it wasn’t there haha. I was confused and so had a quick google and realised it had shut down.

This didn’t stop us, we had a lovely day exploring and we also ended up in China Town (which I have always loved), and there was still Chinese new year celebrations going on, so that was fun to watch and experience.

Of course before we decided to go home we saw this cute doughnut shop. MY GOSH they were big dougnuts and very sickly. But we absolutely loved them! We both got a Nutella filled doughnut called “Prima donna?” (I think I am not sure haha), and it had brownies, smarties, a tiny oreo biscuit and a golden fredo- I mean what more could I have asked for?

Anyway, it was a lovely day filled with many laughs and it was nice for us to just reflect on our relationship and the last 3 years, but also what we want to achieve within the next year. I honestly could not have asked for a better boyfriend and best friend. Sometimes it’s the little things and experiences that you remember the most.

Time to spread some love… if you have a partner what is your favourite thing about them? If not where would you like to go on a date? 

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  1. Happy Anniversary!! I always see the arcade whenever I get McDonalds there but have never actually been inside.
    The cocktail looks so good – how did it taste?! What did it taste like? xx

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