Day in my life: spring clean…💁🏼‍♀️

I really enjoy writing these and reading other people’s, so I thought what better way to kick start February than with another day in my life. Feel free to check out my other posts here and here.

I don’t need to be at university today but I have scheduled uni work that I need to do and get done by the end of this week.

6:30am: A very early start today purely because this is when Ryan wakes up for work (and I do when I have work or need to be in uni), and I just can’t get back to sleep. Instead I got up made myself a tea and breakfast and sat in bed just watching some TV.

9:00am: I finally managed to get out of bed and had a little morning stretch and work out to wake up my body, and then I had a shower.

After this I got dressed and ready for the day! My outfit just consisted of this off the shoulder brown jumper and some leggings. Super chill for a work day at home!

11:00am: As my room really needed it I put on a timer (for 1 hour and 30 mins) and decided to spring clean my whole room. It went great and I still had 10 minutes to spare when I had finished the room!

My essentials I go around my rooms with are normally; a black bag for all the rubbish, my spray (filled with Zoflora), some Mr Sheen polish and a cloth.

I have been loving Mrs Hinch on Instagram (go check her out she’s fab) and so grabbed some of these items too- which I use around the house all the time!

After this I then went and made myself some lunch. Today I had a cheese toastie- nothing too exciting and watched the latest episode of Riverdale (I love it haha).

When I finished my lunch I had a little break and decided to get my book out and read. Currently it’s “lush” by Gabrielle Fernie. I have only just started it but so far I am enjoying it.

2:00pm: By this time I decided to get back on it and do some of my uni work. I read through emails and just sorted some work out which I still need to finish tomorrow. This involved a lot to do with my dissertation research study at the moment. A lot of pieces I need to put together before I can go out and get participants.

5:30pm: I am taking a break from uni work and now cooking dinner. Tonight it’s simple and plain haha, just some chicken and veg with gravy. You can’t really go wrong with that to be honest haha.

The rest of the evening will be spent catching up with Ryan and talking about our days. I then need to prep for an important phone call tomorrow! I will probably also read some more before bed, and just watch some TV.

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Gemm xx

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