London date night: Shake Shack🍔🍟

Last Friday was the day that me and my best friend from my undergraduate degree decided to meet up! Trust me it had been a while (Christmas 2017 to be exact), so to say I was excited is a bit of an understatement haha.

I had uni during the day so I absolutely shattered (masters life has me drained 24/7). But knowing I was seeing my best friend got me through.

Anyone that has uni friends will understand how difficult it is when you finish your degree and all move back home how hard it is to see everyone. Especially if like me your friends are all over the UK. Even more so right now for me as my masters has practically taken over my life!

Anyway before I ramble basically we decided to meet for dinner about 5pm (as I finish uni at 4pm). We picked “Shake Shack” as neither of us had been there and so we both wanted to try it!

I ordered a chicken burger and cheese fries. The cheese fries was a must because during our undergraduate it just became a thing for us to get cheese fries haha. Honestly the food was absolutely delicious and I was blown away! Definitely recommend it to anyone, and I would give it a 9/10. I mean you can’t really go wrong with chicken and fries haha, but it was pretty great.

We then went to costa (so we could chat more haha), got a drink and exchanged presents. So basically we have this thing where we buy each other presents to make up for the birthdays and christmas’ that we miss. It is super cute of us, and I love it.

A few hours is not enough time but I value every second I can with my friends from uni because it means so much!

Have you been to shake shack? What food places do you love or recommend? 

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  1. Great post! Looking forward to reading more from your blog 🌸
    Sinéad x

  2. I have never been to shake shack before, but it looks so yummy! I have read this post whilst I am hungry, which definitely hasn’t helped 😂🙈 oops! I am actually going to London tomorrow 👌🏼xx

    1. It was very yummy, the burger was smaller than I thought but it was still nice! Hahaha never a good idea to look at food when you are hungry 😂😂 aww have a good time! Thanks for reading xx

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