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January is here and that means many fitness and health goals, and my gym has particularly become overpacked with all abilities aiming (well I assume) to become better and healthier. I love it! Therefore, I want to talk about some brands I love and some gym essentials…
*disclaimer: this is not an ad nor am I getting paid for this post, I just love fitness so thought I would share some brands etc I feel are great for working out/running that have worked well with me*
Of course I have to start off with Nike because they are my absolute go to brand- mainly for their shoes. They are the only shoes I will use for running or training in the gym. They just fit me so well, I love vibrant colours and they last me so well! Although I always make sure to change my running shoes regularly. Shoes I have never worried about the price so much but I don’t go overboard.
For Christmas I got these amazing golden leggings from Nike (from my parents) and I adore them! They match my golden tick Nike top that I bought myself last year and it’s just fab. They are comfy, fit well and look great! And I always feel that’s the best when you know you are going to work out or run. I just think their stuff is just great quality.
Gym Shark 
This is another great brand, and I am in love with their colours and style! I have only recently found them and tried them, but I love the comfort of their leggings and their stuff just makes me feel good about myself. Sometimes that is motivation enough for me haha. However, this is another pricey brand.

Of course I am aware they are expensive so other brands I like are…

Pink Soda

I love these brand and I have a couple of sports bras, tops and leggings from this brand. I think you can find them in JD Sports and they are more affordable if that’s what you are looking for. You can always find deals as well which is great! Again the quality is pretty good and long lasting. I definitely recommend this brand!

Lastly, you can of course go with other places like Primark or other high street brands. These are affordable and I have worn Primark work out gear before and it’s not bad. However personally for me I don’t mind paying a bit more and I prefer the other three brands I have mentioned just for comfort and long-lasting wear.

But obviously it depends on the person and how you feel. Definitely try a few different brands and see what works best for you. That’s what I recommend! Personally when I pick workout out clothes I 100% pick for comfort but also I like to think about how it looks because if it doesn’t suit me I don’t wanna wear it. So definitely consider what makes you feel good and what fits well.
Some other things I like to have is my garmin watch! It definitely helps me keep on top of my running miles and it’s great- I love the app!! Also my towel which is great at the gym, when a good work out happens you do tend to get sweaty. Lastly, I have a “waist bag” type thing for my running so I can have my keys and phone on me (I believe it was from sports direct). Also don’t forget to have water and stay hydrated!!
Having a good outfit definitely motivates me. But also Ryan (my boyfriend- you can find out more about us here) is my biggest motivator. Especially when I don’t feel like running he is there to remind me how I will feel after. But I think it’s important to motivate yourself too, learn to love yourself and love working out/work out for the right reasons. Work out to make yourself feel good and not for anyone else! 💚
What fitness brands do you like or recommend? What motivates you to workout or run? 
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Gemm xx

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