Day in my life: Day off💫

I love reading this and I love the weekly ones as well, plus I love the videos on YouTube as well! So I thought I would write one haha!

Firstly I like to start off with breakfast and tea, and when I am off I love to eat/drink this in bed whilst watching Netflix, YouTube or tv. Especially during these cold and dark mornings!

Other days I would normally do some chores, do any work I need to do and go for a run however, today I just wanted to relax. This week has been full of an exam and coursework deadlines so far… so I needed a little break.

Whilst my parents and boyfriend were off to work today I decided to have a little shopping spree and time by myself. Sometimes that is just what I need. Personally I love shopping by myself.

Once I got myself ready I set out for the bus (normally I like to go out early because then when I get back I still have the rest of the day to relax) at about 9:20ish. I went to a shopping centre slightly further away today (normally takes about 40 minutes on the bus). However, it has a mixture of high street shops and high end shops so that’s what I love about it!

Once I had returned from shopping I put all my stuff away and then got my running gear on because I wanted to go for a run! Running just makes me feel so good and healthy and I have become in love with it, thanks to my athletic boyfriend haha!

I then got back had a nice little stretch and then showered! Then I just collapsed onto the sofa and just relaxed watching some YouTube haha- just what I needed!

I am finally ending the day with making dinner; tonight’s menu is chicken pie and veg which me and Ryan (the bf) love! Then I will probably get into bed and just relax until bed!

What do you like to do with your days off? 

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You can catch up on the previous post here. And I will be back Sunday and joined by the other half Ryan so stay tuned for that! 💚

Gemm xx

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