2019 Goals….🎉💫✨

2018 was a great year for me despite everyone around me saying how crap it was. For me personally I had a great year in terms of confidence and self esteem and I triumphed better than I ever thought I would… I went to a show by myself, I did a half marathon, I started my masters and started to learn how to drive. I have a lot I want to attempt this year, and I also like to integrate them into my monthly and weekly goals. Let’s go…

1. Compete in another half-marathon + race 

I did my first half-marathon last year and loved it so I would love to do another one, beat my time as well. But also I would love to do another race, potentially 10 miles.

2. Pass my practical driving test 

I started driving in August last year and I would really like to kick start 2019 by passing this and getting it out of the way!

3. Get a distinction in my masters (self-explanatory) 

4. Dancing 

I used to do street dancing for about 5 years and I loved it- honestly was my passion and I have regretted giving it up ever since. I always dance whenever I can so I would love to get back into it. Also I would love to start ballroom dancing. Lets go 2019 Gemma!

5. Get more organised 

By this I mean with my masters work, with my blog posts and scheduling etc. I just wanna be more organised haha!

6. New job 

Yeah this was on my last year goals, however this year I mean it and by April I want to start looking whilst I am finishing my masters for a research assistant kind of job.

7. Proper house/flat searching

So me and Ryan (my boyfriend) have been looking on Zoopla and Right move and all those property sites but now is the time to start actually looking around and seeing places first hand!

8. Grow my blog

I want to learn more about my blog (even with my crazy hectic schedule haha), and I want to grow my audience and just learn more and interact more with people.

9. Visit a different country 

I want to explore more, and I need to stop putting it off and just start doing it. I want experiences and to socialise with different people, and learn about different cultures.

10. Read 5 books

I mean I am starting small because I don’t know how much time I will actually have until the end of the year. But I want to read more definitely.

There you have it! My long list of goals haha. As I said I usually implement this goals into my monthly and weekly goals as well and just plan ahead when I want to achieve them etc.

What are some of your goals for 2019? Do you like setting goals or do you prefer monthly type goals? 

Thanks for reading and for the support 💚

Gemm xx


Author: gemmaajaynee

24 year old just wanting to write with her spare time.

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  1. My 2018 was good too, and similar to you, lots around me said it was bad! Well done on the marathon – that is amazing! I would like to get driving too one day although it isn’t on my list just yet. I’m moving house again this year and jobs (b/c it was just so much fun last year lol!) this year moving in with my man ♥ Good luck in your job hunt and property searching ♥

    1. Glad yours was good too! 😊 Thank you it was such an achievement for a beginner like me, I am ready for more haha. Yeah there is no rush if you don’t need a car or need to drive, and it’s cheaper as well! I passed my driving test yesterday so one goal done already! Oh wow that is so exciting, good luck with the move 💚 thank you, hopefully me and my boyfriend find somewhere this year. Thanks for reading xxx

  2. Love your goals ! I’m sure you’ll manage to achieve everything 😘 It’s great to start small as the goal seems easier to reach ! I’m not setting any goal this year, haven’t reached anything in 2018 so I’m trying to avoid feeling bad at the end of the year this time hahaha 😛

    1. Thank you! I hope so! Already passed the driving test so that’s one out of the way haha! Definitely, I’m usually pretty good and I will stick to my goals. That’s a good idea haha! Anyway I feel like we all set ourselves goals whether that’s weekly or monthly so we don’t necessarily need to do yearly ones as well haha 😊 xx

      1. Congratulations !! 😄 Good luck with everything 😉
        And yeah, as long as we achieve what we want to achieve it doesn’t matter if it’s weekly, monthly or yearly 😄

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