Blogmas day 24: Reflection of the Year…🎉🎄

I cannot believe this is the last blogmas, hasn’t it gone quick? Christmas is tomorrow guys… like WHAT?!

A perfect way to end blogmas is for me to reflect on my goals I set myself for this year. So let’s go…

1. Read More 

I have certainly read a lot at the end of this year because my masters requires a lot of reading haha. However, I wouldn’t say I have read a lot of books that I intended at the start of the year.

2. Take more pictures/videos 

This one I definitely smashed because I have taken so many for my blog but also personally in my life I have taken a lot and I am so happy! I have especially used my instax camera a lot and I just love Polaroid’s so much 👍🏼

3. Continue learning German 

I guess I sort of done this one. I mean I have tried and learnt some sentences but I wouldn’t say to the extent I thought. I have my German book but I think I need another way to learn it- maybe get a tutor. I will do this!!

4. Do a run in some event 

Boy did I smash this one and I am most proud of this one. I did my first ever half-marathon and I trained and worked so hard (as a beginner) and it was the best day ever. You can check out my post on that here. I can’t believe I did this one but I definitely plan on doing more!

5. Do more cooking 

I have also done this one and experimented a lot with different recipes and flavours and again I have had so much fun with this. I definitely intend to do more!

6. Change jobs 

Well this one never happened. At the start of the year I was very unhappy at my job however because I made a decision to do my masters I then went part time and it’s not too bad anymore. I am more concentrated on my masters. But because I know I will leave it and go into a different field when I’m finished my masters I’m not too worried. Plus it always helps to get money haha.

I guess I could say I did do a good job haha. I will post my new goals for 2019 at the beginning of January and for now I will be having a break from blogging until then!

I wish you all a happy Christmas and new year! Thank you all for the love and support and comments and likes, I appreciate it all so much!! 💚💚

Have any of you completed your goals?

Thanks for reading, leave a like or comment! I shall see you soon.

Gemm xx


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