Blogmas day 22: Christmas Walks…πŸŽ„

I have mentioned in a few of my posts which you can read here and here. You can check them out if you want to and leave a like and comment. πŸ’š But basically I wanted to talk about how great a Christmas walk really is.

(This house was in Hastings UK and it was like a snow kingdom and it was amazing! This was last year and it just blew me away).

I absolutely love going for walks anyway but during the winter months it’s just a little bit more special I think. Spending a lot of time indoors and trying to keep warm sometimes it is just nice to get some fresh air and just walk around.

You just gotta remember to wrap up cause it can be cold! The hat, the scarf the whole lot haha! Plus I recommend going for the walk during the evening because you can really admire all the Christmas lights.

For some reason I feel like all the houses on my street have gone mad on the outside lights, there are just so many and I am not complaining because I love it haha (anyone else feel like people have gone more crazy with the decorations this year?).

A winter walk might put you off but it doesn’t have to be long and trust me when you go with a partner, family or friend/friends you can talk or just be silent. You can even go for a walk by yourself and it would still be just as great (trust me I have done that many times haha).

Do you go on winter walks? Are there any houses you have seen that have gone all out on decorations?Β 

Thanks for reading and for the support and love during blogmas! I have tried so hard and been enjoying it so much. Give a like if you enjoyed and follow for some more posts! πŸ’š

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