Blogmas day 18: Fitness Motivation During Winter…🏃🏼‍♀️❄️

I know so well how hard it is to actually get myself to the gym when it’s cold, but also with all my other commitments. I know it’s an excuse but I truly do find it hard to find time… I work from 7:30-6:30pm Monday’s and tuesdays and then Wednesday to Friday I am at uni doing my masters. Saturdays are always busy and Sundays were my driving lessons and uni work (believe me there is a lot for a masters haha).

However I do love exercise and I love the gym, and I love dancing. I have had some bad couple of weeks where I have only gone 2 times a week but it has been hard and my energy levels have been low.

Something that motivates me is comfortable and good quality gym gear because if I feel and look good then I am more motivated to work out. I got the one above from “pink soda” and it’s such an affordable brand. However I do love Nike but I understand they are expensive.

Another motivation is always going with friends. Going to the gym with another person just makes you want to go and makes the experience so much better. You can chat and catch up whilst working out. What could be better than that?

During the summer I just have much more motivation for working out, and I think that’s because it’s warmer out and lighter out. Whereas the dark and cold really doesn’t make me want to go for a run haha! However, sometimes you just gotta do it and tell your self if you don’t go now when?

Another thing I like to do is add it to my do list and this makes me more motivated to do it because I hate not crossing it off my list. But, I do love going to the gym once I get there. Plus I love to do lists and I always do one everyday. Trust me just write a top 3 of things to do during that day and you get a lot more done!

I absolutely love stretching and meditation so I think that also helps. Plus it’s just nice for 10 minutes before bed to just relax my whole body and I feel so much better, especially if I want to snack haha!

You just got to remember that you do it because you enjoy it and love it. You don’t want working out to feel like a chore. It’s got to be fun and make you love your body.

what keeps you motivated during winter to exercise?

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Gemm xx

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    1. I am very lucky that I enjoy it so that’s motivation enough for me, I do still have odd weeks or days where I don’t want to do anything haha. The cold always is a struggle! You just gotta find that exercise/sport or routine that you love 😊

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