Blogmas day 16: Top 5 Family Traditions at Christmas…🎄

I love the fact that everyone has unique traditions that their family does every Christmas! So I thought I would share some of mine…

1. “Tree presents”
This is what my family have named it (I don’t know if anyone else has named little presents this haha). Basically as well as a main present we like to buy a little silly present, it could be shower gel, nail varnish, body spray, chocolate or sweets etc. It is just funny that we all just swap with each other and open at the same time and just share the stuff around.
2. Christmas Eve Takeaway
For some reason it has become a tradition in my family to have a takeaway on Christmas Eve, whether that be chip shop or a pizza. It has just been a thing for as long as I can remember! I love it and it just is like that’s how I know Christmas has begun (Christmas for me is like 3 days haha).
3. Christmas walk
This is a fairly new tradition and I started it with my boyfriend, it is so cute and I love the fact we do this. Basically the last two years we have gone on walks locally and just looked at all the Christmas lights and just had deep conversations. Honestly one of my favourite things to do at Christmas.
4. Family Photo
I feel like this is a lot of people’s family traditions, but it is always something my family has to do. We all even have our own places of where we have to sit in the photo haha. It is so crazy and weird, and because we end up setting a timer on the camera it always involves someone running like crazy to jump into position for the photo. It’s definitely a moment at Christmas which I have filled into my brain full of funny memories.
5. Dancing
Christmas Day has always involved me and my dad blaring out “In Dulci Jubilo” and dancing stupidly around the room. It just cheers everyone up and although it may be early, it just makes Christmas Day that much better. You just gotta have fun and be silly sometimes (or all the time in my case haha).
Whats a family tradition you have?
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    1. I love hearing other people’s traditions as well, it is so interesting! Oh really that is such a cute and good idea! That’s so nice thank you for sharing 😊

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