Blogmas day 14: Money Saving During December…💰

I am aware we are pretty much halfway through December, and most people may have got their shopping done by now or at least most of it (or is that too optimistic? Haha).

But I had this on my list of ideas to write about and I then saw one of my favourite bloggers post about it and you definitely need to go check her out, and check out her post as well! 🧡

Here are some of my ideas to saving money…

1. Use the sales

By this I mean use the sales to buy your wrapping paper, cards, decorations or even buying some gifts! I have found some great gifts in the sales before and saved a lot of money!

2. Go on winter walks

I love going on walks. One little tradition (well it has become a tradition) with my partner is we like to go on walks locally, and just check out all the Christmas lights. It’s super cute, you can do this with friends or family as well. Plus it costs absolutely nothing and you see some pretty epic Christmas decorations!

3. Make lists

By this I mean make lists of all the people you need to buy for and a budget and this should help guide you into not spending too much. But also keep you on track and make sure you keep on top of your finances.

4. Request free samples

Sometimes with some brands (even really good ones) you can request free samples and these make some really good stocking filler presents! I wouldn’t do this for main presents. But again this would also save a lot of money.

5. Plan for experiences

I feel like experiences are getting more popular  and I personally think they are great! What I think is a great idea is creating “coupons” and you can get really creative with these for days out or movie nights or dinner on you etc. This also costs hardly anything and you can get as creative as you like and you pick days out or things that suit that person.

6. Save ahead

I have started getting into the habit of putting money aside (starting in January) every month so that when it comes to December you have money you can use. You can choose however much you want to put aside and I think this is a great tip for saving money for Christmas!

Those are just some of my ideas but there are many more like selling some of your old stuff, hosting games or movie nights etc.

What are some of your money saving tips? 

Thanks for reading, you can catch up on my previous blogmas posts on my site or have a read of my previous post here

Gemm xx

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