Blogmas day 13: Things to do When it’s Cold Outside…❄️

I don’t know about you but when it starts to get cold outside all I want to do is stay in bed wrapped up in my duvet and watch Christmas movies! Alas that cannot be the case (because of my job, maintaining a social life, other commitments and of course my masters).

However, I have some fun things to do when it gets cold outside…

1. Movie Marathon

Of course this had to be first, there is nothing I love more than inviting friends round or having a night in with my partner. Just the fact I can get into my pjs, wrap myself up in a blanket and watch my favourite films with my favourite people. Surely there is nothing better? Of course you can add some festive drinks or snacks for the Christmassy spirit as well 😉

2. Ice skating

This just always seems fitting to me when it starts getting cold, I don’t know why I just always want to do ice skating when I feel the cold air haha! It also is a fun activity with your partner or family and friends!

3. Host a Games night

I love playing games whether that be board games, simply doing a jigsaw puzzle or even playing on the PS4 I love it! I think hosting games nights are perfect when it’s cold outside. You have having fun in the warm what could be better? You can also mix it up by providing alcohol and turning games into drinking games, or just simply play some games with your friends. My partner bought me a nerf gun and we always love to find ways or make targets in the house and just have fun.

4. Throw a “come dine with me” evening

I have always wanted to do one of these. Basically just take turns with your friends in hosting a dinner party. Each of you will cook three courses, and it just is so much fun even if you are not the best cook! There will be a lot of laughs and you may even learn some new cooking skills 😉

These are some ideas but there are plenty more.

Let me know what you like to do when it’s cold?

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Gemm xx

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