Blogmas day 12: Winter Pamper Evening… ❄️💆🏼‍♀️

The winter months as much as I love  then can be incredibly annoying for my skin, I get dry lips and overall I just feel more sleepy because it’s darker (anyone else haha?). Therefore, I make sure my body and just my mental health as well is looked after in these months (as well as the rest of the year).
I always make sure I carry lip balm around with me at all times, especially during winter. The constant changes in being out in the cold to then go inside a warm building doesn’t work wonders for my lips. They just get so dry! So yeah I love to apply regularly when needed.
I love to light candles to begin my pamper evening. I don’t know about you but lighting that candle I just switch off and that’s my pamper session starting haha.
I then like to throw on a face mask and whilst I’m waiting I make a drink and pick a film ready to just relax. I love to relax my mind and forget about everything for an evening as well as pamper my skin.
Once I wash my face mask off I then like to use Dove or soap and glory body butter (whatever you wanna call it haha), and just moisturise my skin. It just makes my body feel so smooth and soft and smells great too! (I am not sponsored by any brand I mention haha). I have been using soap and glory for years so it’s a favourite I definitely recommend!
After I have pampered my body I like to wrap myself up into a cosy blanket in front of the fire with a hot chocolate or a lemon tea and watch a Christmas film. Also I like to make sure I switch my phone off and just spend the rest of the evening relaxing without thinking about social media or my phone. It’s great for me mentally and I definite recommend doing that!
(I got my blanket from boux avenue and I love it!! Plus it says “princess” on it haha 😂)
I hope you enjoyed my pamper evening! Thanks for reading, you can catch up on my other blogmas posts on my site: 🎄🎁
Gemm xx

Author: gemmaajaynee

24 year old just wanting to write with her spare time.

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