Blogmas day 10: Top 5 Christmas Films…πŸŽ„πŸŽ¬

1. Elf

I love this movie and it just makes me so happy, especially if I am having a bad day. It’s just one of those feel good movies.
This one i think is like marmite either you like it or hate it. I for one love it, and it’s just cute and cartoon Christmas films are just amazing anyway. Plus I just have memories of me sitting in my hall at school when I was 11 watching this with the whole school and it was epic.
3. The grinch
This one just makes me laugh so much and I swear I probably know all the words to this film, including the songs haha! Up until Christmas I usually watch this on repeat. It’s full of Christmas cheer and it’s great.
4. The holiday
I love a good romcom and honestly this is definitely a favourite of mine around Christmas time! It’s cute and festive and it just is nice to watch by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate, all snuggled under a cosy blanket.
I used to love this film as a kid, so it’s nostalgic and brings back so many memories. Plus it is super funny and cute, and just gets me in the Christmas mood.
What are some of your favourite Christmas films?
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