Blogmas day 7: 5 places to visit/things I want to do in December…☃️

I have a list of places I want to visit or things I want to achieve within December (at some point in my life haha). So here they are…
1. Christmas market in Germany
I have never been to Germany, let alone at Christmas… but from what I have seen from others going near Christmas it looks absolutely stunning. Plus I want to see all the cute stalls and drink the beer🍺.
2. Go snowboarding
This has been on my list since I was 18 when I first started learning and have just loved it but never really had the opportunity to go/finances because it is expensive.
3. Throw a Christmas party
Ideally this would be when I move out and me and my partner could just invite people over for a massive party. It would be great (if no one goes too mad- I can’t deal with sick or anything breaking).
4. Have a massive snowball fight with teams
We don’t get snow properly if at all in the UK so I need to just go somewhere with lots of snow and just have teams to have a massive snowball fight. I have no idea why I just always have wanted to do this haha.
5. A pantomime
Don’t ask haha. I am probably the worst actress in the world and I can’t even stand up in front of a group and do a presentation. However one day I would like to say I can do this haha 😂
Is there anywhere you want to visit during December or things you want to do before Christmas? 
Thanks for reading, you can catch up on my other blogmas posts on my site: 🎁🎄!
Gemm xx

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