Blogmas day 6: Harry Potter in the Snow…❄️☃️

I did go Harry Potter world in May this year so I have wrote about it. However, obviously this one was “in the snow” experience and I feel it’s perfect for Christmas time.

You would think having already been there before I would not be as excited… but boy was I happy haha! I literally had tears in my eyes on the bus up to the building. I think it just shows how much Harry Potter means to me I guess.
Also there was some new sections in the experience as well which I had not seen which was nice (plus all the fantastic beast stuff). And it was nice to walk around with a fellow hufflepuff- my friend haha. Hufflepuffs are totally underrated😉.
Not gonna lie walking into the great hall I still get emotional. It is just amazing and with the snow theme it’s even more beautiful and I just can’t contain myself. I could literally stay there all day. I could imagine myself (if I had a house big enough and money haha) turning my dining room into the great hall- it’s definitely something I would do (don’t tell my boyfriend 😂).
Just walking around the whole experience is just pretty amazing. There is nothing quite like it. I loved seeing so many people dressed up as well- I met a hagrid (literally was full on dressed as him and on stilts). The enthusiasm is brilliant. It will forever be popular.
The castle. My goodness. It was so beautiful and yes again I got emotional. It was just bloody brilliant. Nothing can beat it, and the amount of time and effort that has gone into it- I praise the people so much. I love it.
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