Blogmas day 5: Stocking Filler Gifts… 🎁🎄

Now it wouldn’t be a blogmas without some gift guides haha! I wanted to do this one because i love making stockings and filling them with affordable gifts and just handing them to people. Plus it’s great for secret Santa as well, and you really don’t need to spend much.
Remember to think about the person- do they like joke/funny presents? Do they love baths? Stationary? And so on and that’s how you work around what gifts to buy them. If you are not too sure because it’s a work secret Santa then they do lots of affordable gift sets in supermarkets, boots, Superdrug and you can never go wrong with them.
1. Bath bombs
Lush of course is great for some bath bombs and you can buy one to put in a stocking or you can do what I have done and buy in bulk (ones that look cute and have a theme). Then you separate them and get creative. So I bought little bags and I’m going to put a couple in each bag and wrap with a little bow. That way you have multiple little stocking fillers and they are cute, great and totally affordable!
2. Lipsticks/nail varnish
These are always great stocking fillers, and again affordable! Especially if you know the brands the person likes as well.
3. Games
Around Christmas time there are always little cheap fun Christmas games (a lot of card games), but I think this is perfect for a stocking because it’s something you can get out on Christmas Day, get everyone involved and have a laugh. There are loads out there and most of them are below £10!
4. Christmas ornament
I personally love getting an ornament for someone’s tree, especially if I see one that completely suits the person. It’s something small, affordable and personal. I love it!
5. Socks
You can’t go wrong with socks for Christmas. I feel like this is one that everyone just gets for Christmas. I especially love the themed ones or big fluffy ones. The last couple of years my partner has got me some cute slipper socks and I completely love them… plus my feet get super cold so it’s perfect for me.
6. Candles
Candles are great stocking fillers and for presents! I love these little Christmas tree ones and I think they are perfect to put in someone’s stocking. Nothing better than receiving a Christmas candle.🎄
What stocking filler presents do you like to receive or give? 
Thanks for reading, you can catch up on my previous blogmas posts on my site:! 🎄🎁🎅🏽
Gemm xx

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