Blogmas day 4: Walking in a Winter Wonderland…❄️

I want my blogmas to be about experiences as well as Christmas gifts, tips and food/drink related things, so there will be a few more of these…
For me as I have always lived near London, winter wonderland has become a tradition to go to. Whether that has been with friends, my parents, or partner.
It can be expensive so be prepared if you do go to have cash ready to experience everything. But it does depend on what you want to go on, whether you will eat/drink there etc. Although this year for the first time contactless was pretty much at every stall, the future is happening guys haha.
One of my personal favourites is the beer tent (I don’t know why I have always called it that- it’s actually called Bavarian tent). You can’t miss it, it is massive and has live music and normally you have to book tickets for the evenings! But it is so much fun.
The last two years I have gone with my partner and we have had some food there and had drinks, and just really enjoyed the atmosphere.

Also I would definitely recommend going when it starts to get dark (but make sure you wrap up cause it does get cold). Mainly because it just looks so much prettier at night and I feel it’s just more Christmassy and less busy haha!

Overall, if you are near London I definitely recommend winter wonderland with family, friends or your partner because it jut really gets you in the Christmas spirit and plus it’s a nice day/night out. 🎄

Where is your favourite place to go during December?

Thanks for reading, you can catch up on my previous blogmas posts on my site and stay tuned for tomorrow’s blogmas!

Gemm xx

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