Blogmas day 2: Getting into the Christmas Spirit… 🎄🎁

The reason this post wasn’t first because I was out all day yesterday so the decorations did not get done until today (minus the tree). My mum did let me put the tree up last Thursday but I couldn’t light it up until December haha.
Therefore this post is starting off December with making your home more Christmassy.
I definitely think the saying “less is more” does not apply when it comes to Christmas… I think the bigger the better. And I definitely have influenced my mum on this haha, she used to be minimal but the last couple of years she has gone all out (with my help of course).
If you have a fireplace this definitely has to be a big statement piece for decorations- because fireplaces are just Christmas and cosy. I think fairy lights always look great around it or on the mantle piece (unless you obviously light it then make sure they are not in the way of the firs). Also candles and little ornaments always look cute on top of the fireplace/mantle piece.
The tree. This can be to however you wish to do it and how big. We don’t have a massive tree anymore just a medium sized one but it still looks amazing. So decorate that how you wish. I honestly believe this is my favourite thing when it comes to Christmas, and it just gets me so excited.
Tinsel- I mean you can’t go wrong with a bit of tinsel and I love wrapping around the bed frame, around my mirror, the banister going up the stairs, around the living room. Just everywhere haha! I just love tinsel (can anyone tell I am a bit excited?).
And of course fairy lights! You cannot go wrong with christmas lights everywhere haha! My mum puts them around the fireplace, on the shelf’s, up the banister and of course I put them in my room as well. As well as light up boxes, cause they are so cute!
Lastly, I love fake snow and spray snow (you get them in cans). I spray the door windows and I use stencils to spray the windows (yeah I love Christmas haha).
What helps you get into the Christmas spirit? 
Thanks for reading, see you tomorrow!
Gemm xo

Author: gemmaajaynee

24 year old just wanting to write with her spare time.

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