Blogmas day 1: The Medieval Banquet…👸🏼🤴🏽

It is blogmas day 1 and this is the first year I am doing this so let’s see how it goes haha!
I am starting off blogmas with a review- because it is somewhere I would recommend for Christmas time for work or a party!
It was my friends birthday last Wednesday and so her boyfriend paid for her close friends/family (there was 10 of us) to go to this medieval banquet in London by Tower Hill. I had never heard of it before, but it was great.
The hall was underground and it was huge and each of tables were cut off under sections of tunnels (that probably makes no sense haha) to the left and right. Then each section had 4 long tables and the section had one waitress, which is nice.
I am not sure of the price as I didn’t pay for it but I believe it was about £50… there might be other times/days that would be cheaper though.
The courses did take a long time to come out but between the courses were like little “shows” and singing etc which I really enjoyed and they did pick people out to dance so be prepared for that haha! I did get picked but after a lot of alcohol I was very excited to take part haha!
You do get unlimited beer and wine (red and white) with your table. You don’t get to choose what kind but it comes out in jugs so just drink what you want. Of course you also get water and there is a bar for you to buy any other drinks.
I also loved the fact you got to dress up if you wanted and a lot of people actually took part in this haha! It was £10 to hire and you don’t get that back though so be aware if you are not prepared to pay for that then maybe come dressed up 😉 some people did that too.
Everyone was really friendly and funny and it was honestly such a different weird experience for eating I have ever experienced. But I love that! And I definitely recommend this experience for anyone that loves a good medieval time 😂
The food also sort of represented the times as well; soup, chicken and veg and cake (maybe not the cake) they also had vegetarian options and catered for allergies as well.
I had such a good night and I haven’t been out in so long (because of my masters and work commitments) so it was just such a good relaxing fun evening.
Thanks for reading, see you tomorrow for blogmas day 2!
Gemm xo

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