Pre Work/Revision Prep…

I sat down to go over my notes for my coursework for Uni and realised there are simple steps I do before I even sit down in order to power through my writing/research.

Here are some I thought I would share…

1) Stock up on drinks

This is so important for me, I get so easily distracted when I am thirsty… therefore making sure I have a selection of about 3 drinks is normally enough to keep me where I am whilst I am working haha. It is just one less thing to think about, and you don’t want to be half way through and really need a drink.

2) Take regular breaks

This one is incredibly important not only mentally but physically because you don’t just want to be sat down for 6 hours straight. You need to get some blood flow. My personal time is to work for an hour and a half and then have a 15-20 minute break. That way I can go for a walk around the house or just chill for a bit. Definitely helps refreshes my mind and I work much better.

3) Music

This is a personal one but I love to listen to music whilst I work. It helps my mood and it’s just something in the background. Sometimes I even get inspiration from a song.

4) Create a workspace

I definitely recommend creating a space outside of your bedroom that separates the bedroom from your workspace. The last thing you want to do is work in a space which should be where you wind down and relax.

5) Limit distractions

Working at home definitely comes with it’s many distractions and noises haha. I try to limit as much as possible as many distractions as I can. This includes working in a room without a TV or without someone else.

Let me know if you do any of these, or if there’s anything you do to prepare you before revision or coursework?

Thanks for reading,

Gemm xo

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