Importance of Self-Care…

I have wanted to write about this for a long time… not only because I think it’s incredibly important but also because I think it’s still seen as being “selfish”. When it’s good to be selfish sometimes. It’s good to focus on you, and tell yourself how great you are.

This topic has been going around on social media lately as well. Therefore, I am going to write about some things I do to look after myself.

Firstly self care involves a lot of your mental state (well for me it does). It means looking after myself and taking a step back from social media, work, personal life and uni… just distancing myself from everything and focusing on me in that moment. It’s important to schedule a couple of evenings a week (or more) dedicated to just you.

Too many of us forget to look after ourselves because we are focused on everyone else. I definitely recommend taking a break from social media and just getting in a nice relaxing bath. I also like to stock up on lush bath bombs so that my bath smells good and creates that extra relaxing atmosphere (my favourite at the moment is ‘sex bomb’).

For me self care is also about clearing the mind so I like to do beginner yoga to stretch and meditate. It really helps my body to relax and keep me calm, but also helps me to clear any negative feelings that I am feeling in that moment. I then like to finish afterwards with a tea (my favourites are lemon tea or camomile tea).

Also to wind down in my room I like to light some candles or one candle next to my flowers and just note down anything that I need to get off my chest in my notebook. This is great to clear your mind but also help you to take a step back (especially if you are stressed or angry).

I love to also go for a walk to just take in the fresh air and give me time to reflect on my current life and situation. It helps me think about everything I am grateful for and just makes my head feel a lot clearer.

I also think it’s important to do things for yourself and not others. You will feel more fulfilled if you start listening to yourself and learning to do things that you want to and that make you happy. It will give you more confidence to tell people what you want too. You just got to listen to yourself and to your body (mentally and physically).

Heres some awesome socks I bought to remind everyone that you are…

What things do you like to do to look after yourself?

Thanks for reading,

Gemm xo

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