Every time I see the word fireworks I immediately think of Katy Perry and in my head break out into song haha.

Fireworks has sort of become more of tradition in my family (as well as it being guy Fawkes), as it’s my uncles birthday… therefore I am used to always celebrating fireworks night.

It always happens around my Nan and grandads house and we always have BBQ type party food (don’t know why that started it just seemed easiest).

It’s honestly one of the best nights. What more could I want? My family all together for a night with food, drink, and even sparklers. Plus my family are not quiet… they are loud and always making my stomach hurt from laughing too much.

As you may be able to see I am like a child when it comes to sparklers… I just love them. I don’t even know why, it’s just calming and brings me happiness inside.

I feel like fireworks always bring everyone together and it just creates so many memories. There’s just something about fireworks that makes people happy. I love that.

What are your favourite things about fireworks night?

Thanks for reading,

Gemm xo

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