🎃Happy Halloween🎃…

Happy Halloween guys! I hope everyone is having a spooky time. For a Halloween special I thought I would share my spooky experience….

Last Friday me and my friends decided to go to the London Bridge experience… However, it was a Halloween Hillbilly special. Not gonna lie I was slightly peeing myself (not actually) as I made my way there haha.

Now I have seen a lot of horror movies, and I wouldn’t say I get really scared but I am very jumpy.

I can honestly say out of all the horror experiences I have done (and that’s only a few) it was one of the scariest and best I have experienced.

Nothing has made me sweat or want to cry more than this experience haha. I held my friends arm the whole time because I was on edge.

I would say I recommend it but I believe tonight is the last night of the hillbilly special! However, I will share some things that went on…

Firstly, I was not expecting to crawl through dark tunnels (I hate small spaces so this one was a horrible one), and that definitely panicked me before the whole experience even properly began haha! Also there were so many people jumping out at every corner or talking in my ear it was just horrifying.

Not to mention me and my friends were at the front so we had to lead the group around and that was scary haha! However, I will say I much preferred that because whatever was happening behind us did not sound nice haha! There was so much screaming and people yelling “run” they must have had people chasing them. So I would say you may as well lead the group because you can get out quicker haha!

Lastly, of course there had to be the typical chainsaw guy… And he got my friend and then when we thought he had disappeared he nearly got my head as he put the chainsaw through the wall! Got to show off my matrix skills though haha.

Overall I will give it a scare factor of 9/10 because trust me it definitely got me haha! But I know not everyone will think it’s that scary.

What horror experiences have you guys been to?

Thanks for reading, enjoy Halloween 🎃👻

Gemm xo



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