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It is safe to say that I love Halloween (second to Christmas). I don’t know why so much but it starts getting near October and I freak out haha. Last year consisted of me just decorating my room, but this year my mum totally got on board and let me help her decorate the living room… boy am I ecstatic every time I walk into the living room haha. So I thought I would share on how to make your home look spooky this Halloween…

Firstly if you are having a party I would definitely recommend Wilkinson’s for decorations because they are my go to for Halloween stuff. Plus they are fairly cheap. I completely forgot to take a picture but there is a super cool table cloth and its bright orange and has loads of zombies, spiders, witches on it ya know the spooky stuff. Also as you may see in the picture above (just briefly sorry aha), we bought this spooky tinsel and just sort of placed it on the table. We then bought some Halloween sweets and chocolates to just complete the table (which you can get from most supermarkets).

Just gotta say how cool is this plant? It is from Morrisons (I think) and it’s actually amazing. What more could I want… I love flowers and Halloween and this is just a perfect combination. You could definitely put these in a bathroom or on the fireplace (even if you didn’t want to fully decorate for Halloween.

We also bought some orange fake cobweb, that came with fake spiders (as much as I hate spiders), and we put some on the wall and then I put some under the fire place. It just looks really cool and spooky and I love it.

Lastly, I fully decorated the fireplace/mantel piece with pumpkin fairy lights (Cause why not), fake spider web as I mentioned, more tinsel and a cute little pumpkin candle. I think if you have a fire place it is definitely key to decorate because it just adds that spookiness to it. I don’t even know if that makes sense haha!

You can also grab paper plates, cups and treats from most supermarkets if you need stuff for a party and they do pretty similar ones in all. I recommend just looking around different places and you will find key pieces to spookify your home.

What’s your favourite thing about Halloween?

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