Ticket For One Please…

It’s story time and I thought I would talk about something that I feel is often perceived as a negative thing when really it’s not that bad.

What I am talking about is I went to see a show (Dirty Dancing UK Tour) by myself… yes I can imagine what everyone is thinking; “how could you go by yourself?”, “don’t you have any friends?”, “that is sad” etc. The truth is of course I have friends and family (and yes I already went and saw this show earlier in the week with them haha), I just wanted to see a show by myself and there is nothing wrong with that. As a matter of fact it was just as much fun as going with friends or family.

I feel like there is so much stigma around going to places alone, when in reality I think more of us should do it. Maybe loads of people already do it I just haven’t noticed before. There is something quite nice about seeing a show without any distractions or thinking about what other people want to do whilst you are there. You can just go and enjoy the show that you want to go and see.

(Me practicing my dance moves in the mirror haha).

I think that’s another point to consider as well, there might be certain shows or concerts that you are interested in that maybe your friends and family are not. Therefore, the only option is to go by yourself, but a lot of people (like myself) are too afraid of what other people will think. However, I decided to say f*** you to my comfort zone and go and see the show by myself.

The reality was that people didn’t care. No one made any comments that were bad, and I had a lovely lady next to me who started a conversation with me and told me how she always goes to shows by herself. It made me think that it is alright and more people do it than you know. Plus going by yourself can encourage you to talk to people you might never have spoke to if you weren’t alone like I did.

Honestly I don’t think a show has ever brought me that much joy as this one did. It probably seems silly and I don’t know why but I was just so fascinated by the dancing (and yes I have seen the film). Dirty Dancing is one of my favourite films (Patrick Swayze yes please), so seeing this show was a must and I definitely recommend it to everyone in the UK haha. Plus the soundtrack is just the best, and I had to contain myself at parts from singing every song at the top of my lungs.

To talk a bit about the show everyone was amazing and the dancing just blew me away. Of course the guy that plays Johnny is no Patrick but he did a mighty fine job (cannot resist a guy in leather haha), and the lovely lady playing Baby was just as brilliant. Not gonna lie it has inspired me a little bit to get back into dancing… something not a lot of people know is that I danced for 5 years and then gave it up (annoyingly). But, this show has actually got me thinking about it again and I have already looked into taking some lessons and getting myself back into it. There is nothing that brings me more love than dancing. If I wasn’t doing what I am today, I definitely would be a dancer.

Oh and little random after show story but I actually met the actor playing Johnny in the show and he was super nice and looked completely different with clothes on haha. I did have a little fan girl moment not gonna lie.

Thanks for reading, I definitely look forward to more shows by myself!

Has anyone ever been to a concert or show on their own? If not would you try it?

Gemm xo

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