My Post Half-Marathon Experience

If you are on this post you probably want to read about my post half-marathon experience. Yesterday I ran my first ever half-marathon and it was hard. So I thought I would just have a reflection post, and share with you my experience and any thoughts and feelings to do the the half-marathon.

Pre run thoughts

Firstly, I have to talk about how I felt before my run. Not gonna lie I was feeling nervous… There were weeks I feel I could have tried a little harder. But I did make sure to do one long run every week and a few little runs/full body workout.

The main feelings I had before this run were “what if I can’t do it” and “what if I run slower than everyone else”. These are definitely thoughts that can stop you from taking part in a race but I was determined to not let this stop me from completing it.

One thing I will say is when you are considering doing your first half-marathon then think about where you want to run it. This is because some races might be hilly and as a beginner you might want to choose a course that is flat for your first time.

Race day

I woke up feeling extremely nervous, which is to be expected. I did not know what was going to happen and I think that is what scared me the most. However, once being their and in that environment I saw all the people/other runners and even though that does slightly make you feel more nervous, at the same time it feels pretty great.

I will be honest completing this run was hard. I ran better than I thought I would and I can only bring that down to the fact I trained regularly. Also that I made sure to have rest days, stretch and drink plenty of water. So definitely train if you are considering doing your first half-marathon.

The main thing I found challenging was the mental challenge. Throughout the race I found myself thinking “I cannot do this” or “maybe I should stop and give up now”, but you just have to fight against those thoughts and just continue. As a beginner and first timer no matter the time as soon as I crossed that line I was proud of myself.


Throughout my training there were times I felt like I could given up but you just have to remember why you are here and why you are doing it. That will be motivation enough to get you through.

During the race is the same, and I will say that last mile is the longest mile ever. I felt like I was never going to make the finish line. But you just keep moving and keep running and then you have done it, and that brings on a whole wave of emotions. Most of them are pretty great emotions, and I cannot be more proud of myself if I tried.

Post half-marathon

As I am writing this it is post half-marathon and the day after. I will say that I am definitely feeling it today. I woke up and every part of my body aches, and walking down the stairs is a chore!

Luckily I did take today off work so I could recover, but I am not looking forward to going back tomorrow (especially as my work has many flights of stairs).

On my post half-marathon reflection it definitely have made me feel proud as I have mentioned, but also how much I enjoyed it and want to continue to drive myself and do more. I mean I have already begun looking into more races I could potentially do in the future! The only way is up.

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