Post Half-Marathon…

Yesterday I ran my first ever half-marathon and it was hard. I thought I would just have a reflection post, so here we go.

  • Pre Run

Firstly I have to talk about how I felt before my run. Not gonna lie I was feeling nervous… There were weeks I feel I could have tried a little harder. But I did make sure to do one long run every week and a few little runs/full body workout. Also I think it’s worth considering where you want to do it as well. If it’s your first you don’t want somewhere that is too hilly.

  • Run day

It was hard. I ran better than I thought I would and I can only bring that down to the fact I trained regularly. Also that I made sure to have rest days, stretch and drink plenty of water. So definitely train if you are considering doing your first half-marathon.

  • Motivation

There were times I felt like I could given up but you just have to remember why you are here and why you are doing it. That will be motivation enough to get you through. I will say that last mile is the longest mile ever haha. I felt like I was never going to make the finish line. There will also be lack of motivation whilst training too, but you just have to do it because it makes a difference.

  • Post Run

I am feeling it today. I woke up and literally every part of my body aches haha. Luckily I took today off so I can recover (definitely recommend). I also had time today to think about how proud I am of doing this as a beginner. But also how I definitely want to keep driving myself and doing more. The only way is up (baby). Haha.

Thanks for reading, I will have some pre half-marathon tips coming soon.

Gemm xo

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