Week in The Life: New Beginnings

I have a crazy busy week this week because I am having my induction at university. That is so weird to say haha.


I have put these two days together because I had Monday off and Tuesday I was working. Tuesday was such a busy day- as I was trying to get organised before I go part time and get all my work sorted. It was stressful.


Emotions today were high; excitement, nervousness and content were a few of them I was feeling. Today was the beginning of something new and the next chapter to my career. I got into my uni and I made a friend straight away which was nice. And I realised there was only 10 people- last time I was at uni it was with over 100 people on my course haha.


This day was the main introductory day at uni because all of the details for our course we would find out today. A 9am start and then a 3 hour gap until the main lecture (it was a long wait). I ended up getting food with my new friends as we got to know each other. The lecture was very informative and I know the work load to come haha.


I didn’t have any lectures today but it was freshers fayre. It was a nice day for me to just walk around the uni and take in my surroundings. Plus I got given the biggest cheesy chips I have ever had in my life haha! Three different types of cheeses and the most chips you could ever ask for… What more could you want? Plus I had a lovely hot chocolate and cake in the cutest little cafe.


Today was more chilled as no work or uni, so me and my partner decided to have a day out up London. We went to oxford street and looked around the shops and then ended up having Pizza Hut for lunch. Can’t go wrong with some pizza and shopping. It was a cute, fun day with my love.


Today was more relaxed and do nothing kind of day. I had a driving lesson and then just got into my comfy pjs and snuggled up watching films. Perfect Sunday if ya ask me.

What did you get up to last week? Thanks for reading.

Gemm xo

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