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I had a day off after the bank holiday and so did my mum so we decided to have a little girly trip to a shopping centre in Essex. It was a successful and lovely day which ended in complete disaster (but that’s a story for another time). The success was I bought some new clothing for my autumn wardrobe, and I am so excited about it because I love the fashion during Autumn (it is probably my favourite time of year to style).

Lets get into it my fashion haul.

Checked Shirt

I was looking for a nice comfy shirt that I could just lounge around in, and found this perfect beautiful Autumn coloured one in Primark. I bought it in a couple sizes bigger just cause I like shirts that are baggy, and I love it cause there are so many different ways to style a shirt up or down.

Yellow jumper/shirt

Not gonna lie I am slightly in love with this jumper from Primark. It is super comfy and has the cute shirt that’s attached to it to make it look like you are wearing a shirt underneath, and I love that. I bought it in yellow as its perfect for Autumn and I can’t wait for it to get colder. I may also have to get the other colours.

Burgundy Turtleneck top

I mean burgundy is my colour and my go to for most outfit colours haha. This top (from Primark) is comfy and I love the turtle neck, which is perfect for those colder days. It’s just a nice buy and something I feel most people go for, just a plain top.

Mickey mouse jumper

As you can see I styled this jumper with another one of my buys and I think it just looks super cute (I have already worn this outfit to a dinner with friends haha). I got this from H&M and it was cheap and just simple with a little Mickey Mouse in the corner which I love.

Yellow dress

You may notice a slight yellow theme haha… I just love the colour. I bought this from New Look and it’s so cute. You can dress it for summer or for Autumn/winter and I think that’s great. It feels nice and comfy too.

Burgundy boots

I bought these from Primark and I think they are gorgeous. The colour is beautiful and I love the little buckle at the top. I don’t expect them to last long or be good for rain or snow but for Autumn they will look cute with my outfits.

That is all for my little clothing haul and I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know what you guys love about Autumn?

Thanks for reading,

Gem xo

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