Week in my Life: Running with the deer

Today I wanted to bring you a slightly different post and go through what I get up to throughout the week. Some parts of it will be more exciting than others but I shall include as much as I can for you to dive straight into a week in my life.

This is a

Week in my life: Running with the deer

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Monday and Tuesday

I decided to combine these two days as they were the days I was working. Therefore, typical boring adult mundane life of work.

I normally wake up at about 6:30 am and am in work by 7:30 am (I am very quick at getting ready). I work with children so I won’t discuss much of my day, but it normally involves teaching and running daily activities.

I was already feeling pretty positive for the week and I decided to make notes of important things I needed to get done throughout this week. I think making a list either daily or weekly really helps to keep me on top of what needs to get done. Plus it means I don’t miss anything important, or forget anything.

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Wednesday and Thursday

I wish I could say it but I am sorry this is probably not the most exciting “Week in my life”. These next couple of days compiled of another couple of days of work. Mainly compiling all my stuff together before I begin my Master’s in September.

I also spent some time in the gym on a well needed strength training session. I definitely love getting away to the gym and just have some quality “me time”. It might not be everyone’s idea of unwinding but it is for me.

On Thursday I also managed to get some chores completed around the house, which was much needed and some more University details that needed to be done.

A shot of deer at Knole park in Sevenoaks running.


Today was a slightly different day to the week so far. Firstly I had a driving lesson at 10 am, which did not go to plan. I mean nothing bad happened, I was just not in the right mind I don’t think and just kept messing up.

Once this was finished I had some lunch and got myself ready to go out. I made the decision to get the train to Knole Park in Sevenoaks. The main reason was I am currently training for my first Half-marathon and so I wanted to utilise a massive park to help me run the whole 13.1 miles (which is how long the race is).

I was a little scared but I knew it had to be done so I could see where I am at. Overall I think it went ok, and that is definitely the longest I have ever run. However, I swear there was a lot more deer here than previous times I have come and they made me jump so much more.

A view of London and the Shard.


This day was a dedicated shopping day. We decided to head into London as my partner needed some work shirts. We both love London because there is just so much to see and explore.

It wasn’t going to be a late one and we ended up coming home watching films, and eating a fab dinner of BBQ ribs and spicy wedges.


I am aware I did attempt a practice half-marathon run on Friday. However, I need to keep going if I want to make it through the race, and of course put the effort in.

After this run I sorted through my clothes and had a lovely roast dinner with my family. I honestly think that nothing beats a good Sunday roast with your favourite people.

I am now finishing the day unwinding with some candles and a lovely bubble bath.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy something a bit different for this post. I have seen quite a few of these around and really enjoy them so hope you enjoy this!

Gemma Jayne x

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